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Making it official (Anu leaving, that is)

Whev – after quite a few weeks of cold feet and months of discontentment, it’s finally done: I’m no longer a CS developer. Since there was ample time to come to terms with this and make my own conclusions, rather than being told to take a hike, I am actually okay, and excited about lots of things (perhaps including some more volunteering as well, but only time will tell if that’s the right path for me from now on).

In any case, I would like to thank everyone I have had the pleasure to work with – regardless of the CS leadership team propaganda I do believe everyone writing and reading this blog are doing it because they care about CS, enough to be interested in the organizational issues as well. (consider this as my implementation of the culture of appreciation ;) )

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  • To make it official: thank you ANU*! You did not only so much constructive work for CS, you were also fighting bravely “between the lines” to turn things to the better. But maybe some walls are too thick, even for you. Not your fault! I understand your decision and (after talking to you recently) think you’re doing the right thing for you.

    Hopefully you get the needed rest before starting new adventures ;)

    Waving my Jolly Roger to salute you,

  • Congratulations Anu!!!

    now time to
    1. get rested up!!
    2. when ready, find those interesting challenges that appreciate you!

    thanks for all your work and struggle my dear, it is very appreciated and many of us appreciate your hanging in there and trying to make a difference :)

  • More thanks to Anu, and appreciation.

    What a trooper you were to hang in there so long!

    We all have regrets about what happened in CS vs. what could have been. But then, we connected with each other, and there are more than enough of us to keep the spirit we share alive.

    Whatever you do in the future, you made a big positive impression on the hospitality community that won’t be forgotten. And you demonstrated a degree of integrity that makes me honored to call you a friend. You are always welcome in my home.


  • Anu, as you know, all the efforts you have put into CouchSurfing are much appreciated. We all know that each and everyone one of us care about CS, and cares about intercultural understanding, it’s in our blood to unite each other under one goal.

    I really hope you find your truth on this personal journey of yours and come back even stronger than you already are. I admire your persistence, your insight, and your sincerity to make things better than before. A year ago where were we? I consider the distance we have come a giant leap, and you certainly contributed greatly to this, but we always know that things could have been done better here or there or everywhere.

    I hope you keep in touch and please don’t loose your genuine caring spirit, you will be missed…


  • message to Chris:

    if you have ANY idea of how much difference it would make for you to post something like you did above, on CS.. please do it! Seriously. I think such things really, really help.

    all the best-

    p.s. is your tenure on the LT over? when is it?

  • Hm… It is strange to understand what this site is for. How search people, how to send them comments… May be it is simple. Not good implemented. Who is developes as he run away so early???

  • EvgeniySu, this website is not for hospitality exchange. It is a website about another website and organization (CouchSurfing).

    Check out if you want to find people to stay with!

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