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Tougher registration settings

I receive an email every time somebody registers on this site. Most of the registrations I see are nonsense. So today I’ve tightened up the registration options, changed the math question to a CAPTCHA and required users to activate their accounts by clicking a link sent to them by email. Hopefully that will reduce the rogue registrations somewhat.

Interestingly, I haven’t see any spam from the nonsense accounts. They might be used in case a privilege escalation security issue is found in WordPress, so best to remove / block them I think. If anyone has any trouble registering, please post a comment here (you can do that without registering) and myself or another admin will create an account for you.

If you want to revert the changes I have made or have any other feedback, please let me know.

1 Response to “Tougher registration settings”

  • toolfinder

    hi Callum,

    my question shd be the start of a new thread i think, but i don’t see how to do that here, so i will ask the question as a comment on yr post for lack of a better alternative.

    couchsurfing does not seem to offer anything like a chat room for its members. was this always the case, or only since The Sellout?

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