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CS Doin it for the Love not the Money Y’all (Yea right!)

CS is a weird old beast, especially the brainstorms. For me now, its like watching a war on the news. One that’s miles away. In a place that you know, a place where you’ve been, a place where you’ve lived. You know the faces of the people lying wounded and you feel sorry for them. Still engaged in a pointless battle, of truth over lies, that they can’t win. Especially now, but not for the reasons that most people think. Briefly they deserted, to engage in a battle they could easily win, simply by being involved and what did they do? Gave up and went back into their nuclear winter, as if everything would be ‘ok’ ‘one day’ or that it was even possible for CS to get anywhere near how you would like it to be. It can’t. CS has changed and it ain’t going backwards.

Far from it, I actually think CS is going forward in many ways for the first time in a long time and it’s not moving slowly. CSI has had an upgrade. Not one that any of us like, but i think for the vast majority of CSers who are fairly or really shallow it is a great thing. CS can become even cooler, with them and throw off the nomadic, dumpster diving traveller types, that bring it down or are just too deep or conscious, for them. CS is now a primetime show, it has some serious people involved, who know what they are doing and look like they are giving good advice. The only problem is is the direction that advice is taking them in. From what I see, they are headed for the mainstream and the boys are going to make money. Isn’t that what everyone said they would do, although New Hampshire law and even the bylaws of the incorporated company stated, that they couldn’t. Well they have and we now know how much we can rely on those laws.

A public owned entity has been transformed into a private owned entity,which is IMO was an illegal move, upon which shares have been issued and distributed between private individuals, in complete secrecy. I would say at a minimum the VC investors have taken 10%, valuing CSI at, US$76M. Where dose this value come from? The only assets CSI have is the concept in a functioning form with history, the code and the database. I doubt the code is worth anything near this, the history and brand recognition have worth as dose the database. You have been sold out. The only decisions you have to take is; are you going to appeal or take any other legal action, which i would support or not and are you going to continue to involve yourself in Casey’s get rich scheme?

It’s still a great ‘network/community of people’. People are people and i like most of em. You don’t even need an working account, its just a community of people who like to get of the couch and go somewhere, do something, meet someone, see something, eat something, learn something, hear something and dance. I don’t see CSers as an extension of CS, I see CS as an extension of CSers.

If the people in brainstorming who know the deal and give a shit, really want to put a dent in CSI they would turn their backs on cs and cs forums. Maintaining a post, nailed to the mast about why the ship is abandoned and where you can now be found

BW still has some minor bugs, which were working on. Yes members are joining everyday, yes there is more hosting everyday, yes it needs a kick up the rear, yes you guys are needed to give it that kick and for more of us developers to pipe up and offer to contribute. Either to a thorougher debugging session of the current in-house code(PHP, JS, HTML, CSS) or the rebuilding the whole site on the Drupal framework(Drupal, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS). BW is great because it works without leaders, but that is also its weakness, because many people don’t have the time or are unable to do the planning of the project, defining objectives, making sure the objectives have been met. Were working on that. If you really want to show that you are serious about non profit, openness, accountability, etc, etc, you will spend less time on a site that has proven that it is none of these things and now that it is a private limited liability corporation, never will be and more time on a site that is already all of those things

If your happy with having no option but to get used for your hosting and guesting needs, then keep on feeding CS your energies, so that Casey can become a bigger millionaire, than he now already is, even with just a 10% share or 5% or even 2.5%. Its your call!

I actually think these investors may be in it more for the social benefit than the money, but they will make money, lots of it. I think it will actually be good for CSI to have someone who knows what they are doing and can teach them how to do it. Even better for cs i don’t think they(the holy family), will learn and will get pushed aside as the ‘best thing for the corporations mission’, to get more members and so more share value, a bigger ego and longer holidays. Growing CS is all the investors need to do to make money! The original invested US$7.6M is probably already worth US$8M, so a estimated US$400k profit in a matter of weeks, not bad! The best thing they could do would be to ask for no money from the members, 10¢US verification, make everything else free or cheap, have great code cool features, even funding offline events, even implementing a fairly good safety policy and even host insurance. Member insurance i’m sure wouldn’t be a bad side line. You got to think outside the box a little to see the full picture on this one. But one things for sure, CS ain’t going to be anything like what you knew it to be. Casey has been taken off the drugs and wheeled out on the PR team, giving everyone ‘insperation’, god help them!. Yea man, I s.., I see, I see, a couch. Cool! I see someone spamming many people in a cold place. I see someone making promises they will never keep. I see a group of people who for half a decade won’t communicate with a community who are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to them. I see a community with gold fever, ‘I say there’s gold in them there couches!’.

Each and every one of us is responsible for the future. We collectively decide what happens, we co-create a large percentage of the reality around us. Both through our words, but also and importantly through our actions. Decide today right now what future you want and act upon it. Are you going to see to it that at least one non-profit hospex site functions well and correctly, that the developers know what the community wants and make suitable plans to achieve objectives and acts upon them, that the project has sufficient developers to meet its needs, rallying round to find them, if needed. We have the technology, we have the resources, we have the mental acuity and i think after the years of making noise about it, we have a duty to get this done.

“In my opinion the only way out is a Faebook/Google Sofa application with a fair business model that will be eventually bought one day by a big company.” I wasn’t so far off the mark, only just a few weeks back

You know how you deal with trolls? Well you can do the same with websites and shitty organisations. ;)

Focus you love and insperation on BW and not your hate and frustration on CS!

A group of brainstormers were recently spotted taking a dip in the hot-tub. Really this is my idea of people still trying to effect anything on CS. Give it up guys, put up a trust foreclosure notice on the group, pack up and leave. There is only one game that i see being played now and thats ‘grab some shares if you can’. Thats a game that ‘most’ you are even further behind on.
Brainstormers taking a break in the hot-tub.


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  • Bewelcome has not changed in the past 4 years. Because of the old fashioned developers who like to re-invent the wheel . Take the forum for example . The developers wanted to code the forum from the ground up .

    Also in the past four years they have not come close to the flexibility of couchsurfing in giving the users the right to form their own group .There are devs who said casey was not a trained programmer but casey created a site which has not been replicated by the trained programmers 4 years since they got together to make the “best bewelcome community”

    Tim Loal you will learn about the quagmire called bewelcome as you dig deeper . Ask yourself 4 years and you get a half cooked site?

  • Derrick

    Sorry to have to correct you, but BW has changed and is changing every hour. There is no issue with developing from the ground up, CS was built exactly the same way, except it set out to control that development to the point of killing it and in 5 years CS did not change, for the better. A green tick here, a tweak to the scam there. I actually think BW has done a great job, mostly. CS’s forums are not something to write home about, something you will know as a moderator in a couple of them.

    Flexibility of CS! what drugs are you on. In CS you just get what you’re given, zero flexibility there. On BW i am able to change things i don’t want/like. Trying to create flexibility on CS has been forcefully prevented on CS for many years as my twice deleted account is a testimony to!

    BW members can create as many group as they like, are you with the CS lie factory and or a shareholder?

    Who would want to replicate a pile of crap like the CS website was, before some wise man got casey to sideline himself in the position of CIO and took up the reins with a professional approach and i’m not talking about Dan Hoffer.

    I have dug very deep, down to the bedrock. I am very motivated and impressed with it, legally, organisationally and technically, all three areas that i have good experience with.

    Yes BW is not perfect, what is, but at least members have a say in BW, they can even be the CEO if they want, not that thats a big thing on BW, unlike on CS. We are very active in making BW better. What are you doing on CS? Selling out! Great! BW is a million times better that the hurtful, damaging, ignorant, destructive bullshit that has been going on at CS for over half a decade, which you seem intent on perpetuating.

    I feel sorry for you not seeing the reality as clearly as most people, who care to look. Well i’m sure a few shares will make it easier on you. How much are they worth? If you’re just another sellout cheap working girl, then keep your opinions to yourself, we ain’t buying.


  • @derrick: I know Cashsucking is famous for the flexible, easy to use, completely bug free, logical structured and fully functional forums. Hups, did I wrote forums? Abused group functions would be a better term. But for the records: Everyone can start a group at BeWelcome (just hit on the group page, you need to be logged in though), that’s not different to CS. And although full of bugs I can’t see any substantial feature in CS-groups that’s not available at BeWelcome forums. (Other features like i. e. meetings are missing at BW, but on the other hand translations at BW is superior, some others are not available at CS.)

    Anyway: Replicating CS wasn’t the point. BW was started by former HC volunteers after all. (But sure, reinventing the wheel has been pointless from today’s point of view. But that’s another story.)

  • From an outside perspective, watching CSI fronted by the hapless pair Dan and Casey will be the best show in town. I loved their opening acts, you couldn’t have asked for better. It all sound great, if you don’t know it’s all a pack of lies, sorry ‘marketing’. Watching them royally fuck it all up, is well worth the fee. Who wants to make the film and make ‘Social Network’ look boring! Seriously. They have proved they couldn’t run a bath and now they are actually going to run an US$80M company! This will be priceless!!
    I do a very good line in popcorn machines, if anyone is interested?

  • One website now :
    “True” spirit…

  • without having user generated group flexibility (read facebook features) .BW will stagnate for another few years .

    Tim Loal “I feel sorry for you not seeing the reality as clearly as most people”

    Tim Loal on the contrary i see it very clearly . I have seen it since its inception. (Ask them (BOD) to show you some of the old private forum discussions) (not everything is transparent :) )

    “but BW has changed and is changing every hour. There is no issue with developing from the ground up.”
    Action talks! So let us see some change to get us to believe you.

    Let us see you get even one change past the BOD and then we can talk. Maybe you can ask Kasper how many changes he could manage on BW since he left CS.

    Is BW still based on the outdated framework called Bwrox ?

    “CS’s forums are not something to write home about, ”
    A forum coded in 2005 – with about a million posts on every subject possible . (does not even need to be defended)

    Compare that to the BW forum and you will have your answer.(find out how many people on BW use the forum and how many use their profile and messaging (are there old fashioned HC style spam cops reading/approving messages?)

    lector “And although full of bugs”
    How long has the BW forum been under development? 2-3 years?
    And the groups are not “groups” but tags (can you find the latest threads or sort the threads or search the threads ?)(wrong twitter tags show the use useless stuff) . how many of BW threads are wrongly tagged?). If the BW forum experience the flow of information posted on cs will they hold up with those tags?)

    “Replicating CS wasn’t the point. BW was started by former HC volunteers after all.”
    Exactly that is what the BOD is still confused about .
    Is BW about hosting like cs and hc ?
    And started by ex hc guys (that is the reason for the old fashioned manual new member verification approval )

    where is ZLok leash ? who let the dogs out?


    Is the classic example which shows BW volunteers are just so super committed to the the hospex as compared to the volunteers over at cs and hc . 2008 – 2011 (according to the thread)


    the classic example where the rule makers on BW takes years to debate an outdated feature(function) without any movement .

  • According to numerous threads and pages on CS, by casey, jim and others, stated that CS would never be for-profit, that they are doing it for the cause. So why is Dan Hoffer talking to El Pias, the top spanish newspaper and telling then that he intends to float CashSuckers publicly? That shows such devotion to hospex?!

    The resulting decision was to relax a rule optionally on a member by member basis, which is exceedingly fair. Existing members accounts, defaulted to retain the current arrangement and so not affecting anyone involunterily. You couldn’t have asked for better, thats the result of a collective decision based on open discussion. It happens in public, all can be involved is the discussion and things do happen. It could be more efficent, but at least its a working feature of BW. When was the last time members of the board, egaged in open conversation in public foums?

    I take BW over CS any day! But then i don’t have shares!

  • Just like casey and his clique discuss stuff in private forums

    level one – ambassadors private (and then many more for closer buddies) .

    Do you think the BOD has all open conversations? thanks again. why not ask them ?

  • Is that the best you can come up with? Your example above is a great example of how decisions are made, in the open, by whoever cares to voice an opinion.

    “Just like casey and his clique discuss stuff in private forums”
    Who on BW discusses organisational things in private forums? Either cut down on or increase the drugs, Derrick!

    Yes I do think the BoD has open conversations on all matters, all of the current BoD regularly express that they want to take care of the legal and financial affairs of the non-profit, but have no further influence on the decisions and operations of BW. This makes them largely irrelevant to the community, just like on CS.

    Unlike on CS the organisation is as small as possible, just big enough to create a sound legal base and technically facilitate the beWelcome project. Which it dose for around two thousand euros a year. Its not like they can dip their hands in the till, again unlike casey and his clique. All relevent matters are discussed and decided by the community.

    Your lies about CS have stoped working so no you try and turn them on BW. ClassicallySad!

  • “Who on BW discusses organisational things in private forums? Either cut down on or increase the drugs, Derrick!”

    Which pill do you choose the blue pill or the red pill? :)

    like i said why dont you ask them if there is/was another forum?

    • I’ll take the truth, if you have any, but i doubt it. If you do, feel free to post it here, you don’t need to ask, beWelcome.

      Oh a forum! Even if there is/was a forum, what are you suggesting they might be doing with it?

      If you can’t say anything decent, possibly even dealing with the mountain of crap swept under the carpet at CS or even if you wish, about the forum that you feel is so worrying, then don’t expect a reply from me. I don’t have time to waste.

  • it looks like you want to replicate CS on BW with private forums (who will be let in UN Ambassadors?)

  • Because of resistance cause by lack of order and ill conceived plans and objectives, activity to effect change is futile. Until this changes, the significance of eerie silence on this thread is quite deep and informative.

    I think you hit the nail on the head. This is why Bewelcome has stagnated for four years and will continue to stagnate (till someone at the top makes a change for the better)

  • BW is growing and moving in the right direction. It takes time to move stuff but action is still way more effective than complaining.

  • “It takes time to move stuff”

    It does not take almost4 years to move out of an outdated frame work to drupal . But it can take 4 years when you have stubborn founders/programmers who want to code from the ground up but do not have the passion /dedication for the project and at the same time refuse to allow other programmers to make the change.

    ” but action is still way more effective than complaining.”
    I am sure casey must have said the same thing for the past 5 years . But BW and CS are almost the same inaction/inflexibility by the founders/decision makes them stagnate.

    This thread

    shows the site is run by a brunch of programmers with not many social skill. Also there is no one leader ,no system and this becomes clear to all those new joiners who want to help .

  • This thread started by sitarane is in the right direction.

    The initiative is much better than the comment by the programmer Kasper who said “action is still way more effective than complaining.” A community is made or broker on the community leaders or a site like facebook which allows the community to function without the need to a lot of manual intervention.

  • TimLoal 2011/09/25 00:37

    On what 3rd party software to use, if we do. We need information on the options so that we can give an opinion.

    Now Tim if only you knew about the months of discussion on the Bevolunteer forum about their party software years ago and how it was shot down by the founders!. (I hope you now realise how important it is for you to know about the stance of the decision makers/founders on these issues).You would not even have to ask about 3rd party software if you have access to that discussion .

  • Why does it take Bewelcome 4 years + to move from an outdated Bwrox frame work to drupal ? when BW has 6+ trained ? programmers (for formal programming experience?)

    How did CS become a functioning site by (as kasper put it) a programmer with no formal programming education.

    The answer is dedication – casey worked on the site full time till it became functional and was not held back for 4 years by a single stubborn programmer who did not want to give up the outdated framework.

    Age – Most BW programmers are much older then casey. And work on BW as a hobby (how many work on BW as their own project? (not a side project) )

    The untrained casey had good natural UI skills which made the site functional . Which is lacking on BW .

    This is clear

    “still no programmer was interested in programming it. Instead they went on programming other stuff that nobody in the wider community had ever agreed on. ”

    with the year old working habit of doing what they want in their free time . The new members are waiting to see how much of the

    suggestions discussed here (BW needs a decision making process)

    will it become reality in 1 month / 1 year /10 years ? After a 4 year wait and no progress the wait time is flexible .

  • “The problem with HC is censorship and people dont trust, the problem with BW is too much democracy and nothing gets done

    It also concerns me a little that people seem to have different ideas about what BW is, who it’s serves, it’s goals. I

    Four years and the basic questions are still not answered . Maybe site run by one person bypasses this problem and that is why CS(formerly only casey) and HC(Viet) have got live functional sites with 100,000 users . While People who join BW still have the basic questions
    what BW is, who it’s serves, it’s goals

  • The BoD in general keeps the right to veto if decisions would violate the law or if they consider that decisions taken at a general assembly with the decided quorum (which would probably be way below the majority of members to work) do not match with the expectations of the majority of members

    why does this process sound very similar to the process follow at the united nations.

  • The links posted by raphaelh seems to give some idea why Bewelcome has stagnated for 4 years .

    group = democracy?

    A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
    Social Software and the Politics of Groups

  • Ahh Dick you still here! Yawn Yawn What is C$? Never mind.

    I’m so glad you pay sp much attention to BW, but like anyone gives a fuck what negative shit from the gutter that you spout!! BW could NEVER be a 10th as bad as CS whatever it did, CS if fucked up and you are proving the sad and sick mentality of CS here. Even Viet sounds half normal compaired to you.

    I don’t know if you noticed that I actually think that CashSuckers move to a for profit is really fucking positive for some, but that dosen’t change the fact that your CIO(is that an executive or non-executive position?) and CEO aka Bosses, sold out a whole generation for personal gain. IF you’re happy to be a sellout cunt, then why bother with this or other sites? You have you shares you’re gona make $$$ whats up?

    I don’t know if you have also noticed but i don’t just hold narrow view points like you. I can and most often do hold contrasting view points at the same time. So pointing out a post from one second of my life desen’t mean anything. But you’re too blinded to see even in CS i could be very negative and very positive, almost, in consecutive breaths. I won’t get deep on you, i know you are too shallow to get it even if i did, but this world we live in isn’t black and white or right and wrong, its both at the same time. Thats actually what creates this magical experiance that we nievely call reality. But anyway, i can see you’re already confused.

    I’m happy for you, but please don’t waste your time reading open uncensored, open conversations on a decent, but maybe not perfect, hospex site. You might see there are other ways of doing things other than fucking everyone over like you have on CouchSurfing and are trying to rationalise to the world here by desperatly trying to make out that everyone else is worse. That would really take some doing, both rationalising C$ and finding a worse organisation!!

    I just came back here to see if, as you have, if you’ve been here talking to yourself like anyone gives a shit. It really is tragic. But its your life, i’m open to free choice, unlike in your corporation.

    What are you trying to prove anyway, that BW is bad and CS isn’t. Well C$ stole my money and then deleted me, twice, threatened me with the FBI, Interpol and the International Criminal Courts, for what? Participating? Your a fucking bunch of sad, lying, mother fucking, theving, sexual preditors and don’t have a decent bone between the lot of you and i’ll carve it on your tombstone when your pitiful existance is finaly over and you finally give up posting to yourself here.


  • Tim say “CS if fucked up”

    lets hear some answers to important questions from the BW forums

    How long would it be until we saw BW migrating to Durpal?
    When it’s ready.
    Honestly, with the current pace it will take a long time.
    Maybe we need another approach?
    read like never?

    CashSuckers /CEO aka Bosses
    Now you apologise for everything you said about couchsurfing and bow down to Jimbo and then we can call it quits .

    Tim “C$ stole my money”
    Everyone who reads the TOS knows you gave the money willingly . So quit whining.
    Looks like you are the only quy on open couchsurfing who actually gave CS any money ! Time to donate to BW too .

    On a more serious note . Unlike you , I will keep pointing out to what is wrong on any site which tries to be what they are not. (BW trying to be an alternative for HC and CS with a half baked site which has not improved for the past 4 years )

    UNlike you (the guy trying to make threads private on BW (just like the shitty cs ambassador private forum ) ).

  • First, Can anyone help us. I have tried to sign up on BW twice, the second time it indicated that it knew of my first sign up, but I can never ever get in.

    The initial wrong policy of the Ex HC members of manually checking members still turning away and confusing members

    (lesson learnt – never use any manual policy used by outdated hospex sites (old technology /methods) – use askimet /httbl /CAPTCHA/httpBL “Honey pot” /Bad Behavior etc )
    but sadly with their decision making hierarchy and their past experience (EX HC) makes them unable to act or see the solutions)

  • After tims dumb post i did not want to help but

    Maybe we need another approach?

    one approach is submit BW as a module on drupal which will get others who are already active on the community modules involved

  • Whenever you only summon people without letting them to add to the site evolution, or only try to push that evolution without summoning others, its gonna be (and actually is) a failure.

    This guys is inspiring. He seems to know his stuff

  • Dick, which troll farm are you from? You seem a little lost! Stomping around out here, all on your own, beating up on the bushes, its not right at your age! .

    Can i ask a quick question. Would you like bW to succeed?

    I’m just wondering that your angle is. Are you feeling betrayed by C$ and are looking for a better alternative and are pissed off because bW isn’t perfect either?

    Do you just hate anything that isn’t C$?

    Many of your points are valid and constructive criticism is very welcome. But just bitching about it here ain’t gona change diddly.

    If you want to see bW getting better, then I with you on that, let do it. If you’re from a C$ mentality where all people can do is bitch, then you need to upgrade your head, bW isn’t like C$, no matter how much you would like it to be. If you don’t like something you can change it. So if making bW better is what you want, then pull your finger out of Casey’s arse and come and get busy.

    I would like to think that really you are quite a positive guy. I know what it is like to feel you have been lied to, with such big lies, for so long, lies that you passed on to others, believing them to be true, its more difficult to be positive about similar ideas. You seem to give quite a shit about bW and it would be great to use that energy positivity.

    Can you tell me what bW would need to do for you to feel happy to be a member and use the service? Start a new thread on here, call it whatever you like and put everything bW would need to do, change or remove, for you to beHappy using beWelcome. I want to know all about everything thats broken and how you would like it to be fixed.

    Just one thing, this is not a comparison with C$, if you’re going to do this, forget C$, just focus on bW. If you want to take the gloves off and i’ll let you throw everything you have at bW. I will probably agree with you mostly and if you want to draw a line and have a civilised discussion, I will do the same.


  • The whole story about BW drupal . Had to jump a couple of hoops to find the link

  • Expand please.

    You’re unique. If you don’t use your own words, then I’ll never really knwo what your issue is. Quoting a book or a thread, just tells me you agree with someone elses unique point of views, which is not the same, especailly when many views in that thread are positive.

  • Seeker, Whats are you looking for or pointing out?

  • Hey

    The man who sold us all out is here in my city London. Dose anyone know where?

    I think as we have both wasted a great deal of eachothers time, it would be funny if we were to actually meet. Everyone that i speak to, who has met him, says hes really nice. It would be nice to findout for myself.

    Where’s he going to be?


  • With consensus, a single person can block everything, and stop the whole group from moving forward, it encourages the status quo.

    what blocked Bewelcome from progressing in the past 4 years is the management (the only active people on the site) and 1 stubborn programmer(the main active programmer) .The management probably were in consensus with the programmer as they were not forward looking or felt the programmer is the key to a good community .

  • it’s not written on the wall, who owns the domain / database

    5 years and the basic info is not clear .

  • reviewing process has been scrutinized twice before without any action following analysis for lack of decision structure.

  • Derrick I agree with you on all three of your posts. bW has had a problem with its desire to do things properly, getting in the way of getting things done, but thats the past. Now more and more people are waking up to the fact that they have been sold out and do not want to just be an asset to Casey’s get richer plan. Most people already work for a company, to provide a service and in that contract the company at least pay you, give you a desk, chair and computer and pay for the lights, heating and even a drinks machine. People don’t like working for another one that also makes a profit from their work, but gives them nothing but bullshite, from a could of seriously uncool, burntout, criminals, in return.

    The new scam makes the verification scam look infantile. Like digging down the back of other peoples sofas, compaired to picking it up and running off with it to the market to sell, then they’ll be back for more with some other scam. They’re crooks and all Y’all CSer is their victims! is a functioning hospex organisation which is benefiting from the growth of its community and efforts to improve the site have already achieved in the last couple of months, more than has been achieved in the last couple of years. So don’t poo poo bW beacuse of what it may have been, judge it on what it is now. Fortunatly every moment is diffrent, unique even, enjoy the uniqueness of this moment and don’t waste it freting about moments gone by or moments yet to exist. Learning from the past is useful and i believe very evedent in beWelcome.


  • Tim “but thats the past. ”

    Makes the BoD of BeVolunteer the Great Referee of BeWelcome. Not democratic (not elected by BW), and giving a lot of power to a few.

    The past is the present on bewelcome. The sites is stuck due to the structure . And the un democratic structure froze decision making for the past four years . HC=viet= undemocratic |BeVolunteer=Bewelcome= BOD=undemocratic . Both stagnate from the decision making bottleneck (HC due to one guy who has no passion about his network . BW due to a group of people who try to stick the the rule of law for Bevolunteer and use that law on bewelcome )

    When will the BoD or GA give an official answer to what beWelcome is? Is it a website, a brand name, a member access to a database?

    The basic questions still being answered four years after the inception of the website .

  • Facebook‘s Ireland offices are being audited, as the company is facing a possible €100,000 ($138,000) fine for retaining data deleted by users, The Guardian reports.

    I wonder where couchsurfing stands with five years of deleted user data

  • Bewelcome could build on which is open source and written in php which makes allows a lot more programmers to get involved in the social software

  • On groups and forums

    The original founders are now finding out the problems with the current forum on BW . Now if only they had listened when they were old almost 4 years ago.

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