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Censorship at CS

Thomas and I saw this coming: the “Moval” of the resignation of Brian. In short:

Afbeelding 3

You could see that coming. But in the post itself Chiara Gandolfi asks:

It might be me, but as of now I fail to find it in Ambassadors Private…

Can we have the link? Thanks

Since Chiara is a City Ambassador, I guess that she should be able to check the Ambassadors Private. Nothing there though? Gadget says later on (in another censorship) the post “Probably still is in transit” and “The post is moved. Check the guidelines for the group”…

3 Responses to “Censorship at CS”

  • As of midday Dec 2nd the post is back on Ambs Public. The farce continues.

  • Yup. Even moving of messages is too difficult…

  • And now “the monkey is out of the sleeve”. Mr. Crotchgrabber himself:

    Hello all, yes the issue has been move back to the public area. The reason that I moved it in the first place was that the post was in direct conflict with the guidelines for any of the Ambassadors groups. We see this as an opportunity to enter into a chance to learn and grow. We would like a positive outcome to this.

    Thank you again for the chance to have a great communication with you.

    I’m wondering if he is reacting on the leaval of both Ambassadors though?

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