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This blog is mostly run by BW-lovers with a clear agenda (make CS and HC look bad so their “oh-so-moral” alternative looks attractive). For all others, who still have a somewhat open mind and don’t fall so easily for Kasper & Co’s constant propaganda, here a link to our side of the story:

The real background about this “democratic, transparent, legal” (sic) network.

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  • Wow. Veit is defending CS … so maybe you’re not as bad as the bad OCS/OHC guys always say;)

    Oh, and a question: Should other “main characters” apply for your page as you “concentrate so hard on the real work”?

    Do one only qualify only as an former hc-volunteer or is someone who never was a member of hc is similar bad?

    Just for your interest (the domain is linked to a page of a HC-Volunteer-Wiki):

    Domain ID:D18002859-LRMS
    Domain Name:BEWELCOME.INFO
    Created On:24-May-2007 04:06:53 UTC
    Last Updated On:24-May-2008 00:54:43 UTC
    Expiration Date:24-May-2009 04:06:53 UTC
    Sponsoring Inc. (R171-LRMS)
    Registrant ID:GODA-032649094
    Registrant Name:Veit Kuehne
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Street1:Augustusweg 59
    Registrant City:Radebeul
    Registrant Postal Code:01445
    Registrant Country:DE
    Registrant Phone:+49.01737749365
    Admin ID:GODA-232649094
    Admin Name:Veit Kuehne
    Admin Organization:
    Admin Street1:Augustusweg 59
    Admin City:Radebeul
    Admin State/Province:
    Admin Postal Code:01445
    Admin Country:DE
    Admin Phone:+49.01737749365
    Billing ID:GODA-332649094
    Billing Name:Veit Kuehne
    Billing Organization:
    Billing Street1:Augustusweg 59
    Billing Street2:
    Billing Street3:
    Billing City:Radebeul
    Billing State/Province:
    Billing Postal Code:01445
    Billing Country:DE
    Billing Phone:+49.01737749365
    Tech ID:GODA-132649094
    Tech Name:Veit Kuehne
    Tech Organization:
    Tech Street1:Augustusweg 59
    Tech City:Radebeul
    Tech State/Province:
    Tech Postal Code:01445
    Tech Country:DE
    Tech Phone:+49.01737749365
    Tech Phone Ext.:
    Tech FAX:
    Tech FAX Ext.:

  • nice :)

    funny to see how vertical Veit mind works (in reference to Kasper&Co)

    see here answers to some of the questions that our lovely Veit raises.

  • I find it funny that I’m portrayed as the main character. I’ve never even been an HC volunteer…

  • Just wanted to make sure your ego doesnt deflate too much. Glad to see you caught that as the most important thing on the page.

  • Veit, you have done some great work with Hospitality Club. I hope that the organisation continues to connect people all over the world. I hope that you continue to focus on that.

    I think spending time to “sabotage” or “gain control of” another organisation, which by your own admission is small, is surely wasted effort. If you refocus that effort on creating more connections with Hospitality Club, I wonder what magic you could create.

  • Yes, Callum, would love to do that exclusively (and am doing it most of the time). But BW and folks like Kasper have relentlessly attacked HC, which does lead to volunteers leaving sometimes, so we had to put our side of the story out there so people can make up their own mind.

  • Veit, my “relentless attacks” consist mainly of mentioning the lack of an official organization for HC and the censorship of both private messages and the forum. Especially regarding the first issue, I understand that you have been personally and financially hurt by people reading about this. And it seems that this mostly started with my blog posts almost 3 years ago, to which you even responded by a cease-and-desist.

    Maybe you can enlighten us about the organizational status of HC and the censorship within HC instead. Maybe we can even reunite the community some day if this sorted out…

  • this is good stuff

  • I was at the point to claim that was dead and buried. Seems not to be the case :)

    Lets register :)

  • Time to start!


    I recall you posting on the HC website a while ago asking for people to click on Google Ads because “it was fun”.

    There’s probably some truth in what you have to say. People in power want to stay in power – be it HC, CS or BW. That’s why I think that BW isn’t as successful as they envisioned – because BW is just another “Animal Farm” ie. a new government but are they really any better?

    But hey, here’s an idea. If BeWelcome is open source, why not incorporate their template as HC’s new template? The strength of HC is in the large member database. So get over this competition for hospitality and just try to be the best that you can be.

  • Free licenses makes leadership less important. Linus Torvalds is the so-called dictator of the Linux kernel, but if he would start making silly decisions someone else would be (legally) able to take over in no time.

    With social networks this is less simple, but anyone is free to add XML export functionality, OAuth, OpenID and more open goodness to BW Rox and it is likely to make it to

    P.S. Diederik, didn’t you check before submitting? ;)

  • Veit, does this mean that you will be sharing all revenues you personally get from your google ads, in your ‘reuniting’ of the hospitality groups?

    Publish all the finances and how much money you are making, let people know it is your benefit alone, and then maybe people will trust you enough to pay attention to you.

    ELse, this is very funny!

  • I remember reading about the internal rot, message snooping, and dictatorial nature of Veit, several years ago. Here’s an observation – if people were happy (enough) with the level of transparency including finances, at HC, then what motivated anyone to start an entirely new project like BW?

    I’ve made some great friends through BW, and if nothing else, their interface is clean and fresh, and from the start, it seems like they want to be more transparent than any of the alternatives, right down to open-sourcing the software, which is a big deal in my book. Haven’t noticed any pleas for money either, nor any games to sell “badges” for a fee.

    It seems to me, from reading all the reports and comments on several sites, that both HC and CS have always had as an unstated mission a goal of building power and/or money for the founder.

    Megalomania never goes over well with me. I see Veit and Casey as two sides of the same coin.

  • the whole cs and hc scheme pivot around the same concept: rather hefty failures in “normal life” who had the brilliant idea of building their own little universe providing money and pussy otherwise unobtainable to the “visionary leaders” by luring idealistic people into their scam, manifesting their position with censorship and misinformation whilst supressing any open debate and peer review.
    speaking of misinformation and censorshit, why didnt babso post anything here yet?
    is it because he is not able to delete postings at will?
    hey babso, where are you right now? are you back to the baltics to be a jock and get pussy that you cant get at home? or is it china this time? after all, playing the “i am a loser at home but over here i can be cool and finally get some pussy” game is even easier there! maybe you should give it a try.

  • Ouch, this is ugly… But at least it’s out in the open.

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