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BlueHat – If Microsoft can change. Can …. ?

I was just reading about BlueHat and snyder

The Blue Hat program, which opened communications between Microsoft developers and outside security researchers. Previously, Microsoft was loath to share technical information with those outside of its Redmond, Wash., headquarters.

BlueHat is an internal Microsoft event, where Microsoft employees and executives learn from top security researchers from across the world, and use the knowledge they gain to improve the security of Microsoft products.

This reminded me of a lot of similarities between the two entities.

Both M$ and C$ are not open source

Both are paranoid about who reads their badly written code.

But… If M$ can make a changes for the better can … ?

And we are not just talking about code here.But everything about security,safety networks all over the world.

And to end with an off topic quote

“The strength of Mozilla is absolutely the community (of tens of thousands of volunteers). We have to make sure they know they’re being heard,” says Snyder,

4 Responses to “BlueHat – If Microsoft can change. Can …. ?”

  • what a mess

  • lol that was funny allen. Now only if casey used his site as as much as billy.Everyone would have a much better Xperience.


  • before bringing down the hammer on deletion, try and bring super villains into the fold
    own your mishaps – self admission
    Control doesn’t scale
    Manage to your guidelines
    Don’t feed the trolls
    Stay on top of who your users are
    quickly consistent, don’t let something fester CONSISTANCY
    Can’t manage a community by being their best friends (don’t be friends with the band)
    If you have the tool, use private messaging, TAKE IT OFFLINE
    Let people save face
    Learning when to let go
    be more creative
    manage to your guidelines
    maintain your integrity
    make sure your feedback is visible
    No sacred cows, just because they’re old school that doesn’t mean that you can’t ban them
    be a part of the community
    Create standard responses, messaging, FORM emails etc
    Communicate to them at their level
    Good trouble(upset because they love community) and bad trouble (anti-social destructive behavior)
    Don’t assume you know all of your audience
    Don’t set expectations
    Don’t over-react to feedback-the vocal minority
    Documentation, a must have
    Something that you’re legally can’t say, don’t be afraid to say that
    Buddy check on decisions

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