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International Casey day

Ever wondered what the ambassadors are upto?

Making the world a better place?


They are busy creating A Casey day oops i mean International Couchsurfing Day

This is the brainchild of DJ AJAM from Manchester, United Kingdom

They first planned to hold it on 2nd March which happened to be Caseys birthday.

But then they realised it would be too cultist.
The LT loves meaning less publicity like the T-mobile advert.
Promitheus(LT?) from Norwich, United Kingdom
That’s a fun idea!
Hopefully there will be some LT communication soon ;)
stay tuned!

Mattthew Brauer
General Manager

Next year we can all plan ahead more and perhaps try to throw really large events in some big cities, or create a publicity stunt for the press, or who knows what else.

Here’s what I recommend: First, we need to quickly get the word out to the Ambs. . Hopefully they are all reading here, but we should cross post to the other Amb groups (global, country, city, and regional groups). Anyone who’s reading this: please post to whatever group you are in (first check that no one else has already done it).

Please tell the Ambs in these groups to consider throwing an event in their area on June 12th. Or, if they are unable to throw an event themselves, try to find a local member who can do it. Then send out an invitation to the event using this modified version of Derek’s text as an introduction:

Does it make an sense ?

YEah Let’s make a big party !

Reading about the petrock fad

It gives people a few moments of absolutely meaningless pleasure in a troubled world – no small accomplishment.

oh well! Another day of the year with some wierd celebration

February 27 International Polar Bear Day
June 30 Superman’s birthday, Meteor Day
December 27 National Fruitcake Day

Did anyone know that gas prices are up 137$ ? :)

Global warming?

Save the children?


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  • Just the post topic wording alone, made me laugh out loud! “International Casey Day” ! Rock on, travelers! I was a (relatively) early observer and whiner about the Cult of Casey…

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