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the bad guy on our couches

hi guys,
there is this bad guy bouncing around our couches and taking things with him that doesn t belong to him.he is leaving behind empty pockets and broken hearts. I have researched his way around Europe and he has been doing this on CS since spring 2006. I will write a story on him and how the CS is handling his case. There is a self-defensive system going: people warn each other, start threads, etc., which is fine. I just have the impression, that the leadership is slowing this down. Anyone who wants to give me his opinion about it or speak up for the contrary I would appreciate to get to know your arguments. Please send me a Mail via CS:

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  • Its a sad day in San Diego…

    The guy from this profile:

    asked to spend the night last night. I had another couch surfer at the time, Thomas, and apparently I just got home to Thomas telling me he was robbed.

    While Thomas was taking a shower “Michael” broke into his bag, stole $150 and some pesos, and disappeared. I tried calling the number he had called me from, and it has now been disconnected.

    He doesn’t look like this anymore…as his hair is quite long and in a pony tail. He had a lot of tattoos in his arm, the neck…was tall and slim.

    I am posting this to warn you guys about him. I should have paid more attention to his profile, but he had found my phone number in one of the message boards and called me as an “emergency” couch. His story is that he is in San Diego for 6 more days and is then going to Montana to live?

    I am really disappointed guys, and even more upset that he ripped off a lot of cash from Thomas.

    Repost where appropriate.


  • Hm… does somebody know the legal issues regarding a database where people could add all this information?
    Do you need a police statement first or can you just state things and warn people… It could be regarded as libel and slander, isn’t it? But something should be done…

  • Niels Smit

    I much agree, Adia. No matter how poorly safety is managed by the CS management, it is no use posting complaints here that refer to specific people. OCS posters have no means of checking and/or following up on these stories, and OCS should not ‘take sides’ by endorsing posts like that by Guess. Instead, ‘we’ should concentrate on gathering information about how safety is handled by CS.

  • In the starting post Pia is asking for help writing a (german) newspaper article about the thief “Kurt” and how this is handled (or better: not handled) at CS. It’s not a witchhunt or in any way libel. If you’ve something useful to contribute feel free to contact her.


    (@guess: The guy from San Diego is definetely not Kurt, the guy who robbed Couchsurfers in Europe.)

  • From what I’ve been seeing, it appears there have been at least 4+ thieves on CS lately – besides the German one and the one in San Diego, a Romanian ambassador was fully ripped off by a surfer (laptop, money, etc), an Aussie in Mexico, and oh, someone else in Costa Rica who was actually caught.

    With all the press about CS (often giving the wrong impression), it’s likely CS probably now looks like ‘low-hanging fruit’. Lots of press about CS and ‘free couches’ will now draw in large numbers of people, including predators. Consolidate your trusted sub-networks! I’m removing myself from the Cassandra game (as the security issues i have been urging preparation for, are now being experienced by members themselves), and do hope everyone keeps safe.
    I would suggest not to make too big of a fuss about this group, or they’ll simply delete it.+

  • The guy in Costa Rica who got caught was actually the German guys who tricked people in Germany, Spain, Venezuela and Costa Rica. And yes I ve got him in jail – but just for 20 hours because Interpool was not really cooperative. Anyway I ve got my money back and he was at least once in jail.

    The last news I had from him is that he is now in Mexico… What he is doing there? Good knows….

  • Posted by Patrick Ralph Crossman from Donghae, South Korea on the ambassadors public
    Perhaps this thread should be moved to our “private” group. I’ll email Rachel.

    The cover up network is HUGE!!! “our” “private” “group” :)

  • Well pilar looks like the thread has already been HIDDEN !! Safety First for the LT and the MSDT .Thank you Mr Crossman
    ”As with any traveling or hanging out with people you don’t know, you have to be able to instill some kind of trust in them if you’re going to crash on their couch,” he said. has several safety precautions, including references couch surfers leave on each other’s profiles. Users can make a $25 donation with a credit card, allowing site administrators to verify their names. A green lock appears on user’ profiles when they verify their adddresses through the mail.

    I hope some one can show the author of the article Sarah Mausolf the REAL FACTS about couchsurfing !Also introducing her to ULF and his tit molesting pictures would be a real ambassador introduction.

  • I hope some one can show the author of the article Sarah Mausolf the REAL FACTS about couchsurfing !Also introducing her to ULF and his tit molesting pictures would be a real ambassador introduction.

    What real facts? That CS claims to have more than 500.000 members? Or that in the real world there are impostors?

    Yes, I believe that CS could do a better job on trying to get a grip on the situation, but I also do believe that this “project” is still work in progress… It is the biggest hospitality exchange, which has the disadvantage of being the leader: you have to find out everything yourself.

    I’m still seeking the relation with the article you gave, but it is late and I’ve done too much homework :)

  • Patrick Ralph Crossman from Donghae, South Korea in the communcations group

    Greetings everyone:
    I have been meaning to suggest this for quite some time, and I just got an extra kick in the butt to do it.
    Ambassadors can get caught up to speed here:

    (So this is where it was moved . The HIDDEN group :) “our” “private” “group” where no normal members can know about it )

    @D , but I also do believe that this “project” is still work in progress…
    After 5 years ? With no change in the past 3? really? What does it have to do with the hiding and deletion of the safety warning NORMAL members put out ? What progrss has been there here. This post is all about safety not the number of members .

  • I thought you were talking about the link you gave, not about the disappearing of topics. In that case, I’ll just shut up ;)

  • A motto at Collectives was “safety third”. It wasn’t used in this context but it’s very appropriate.

  • What was the second then? :P

  • www[dot]couchsurfing[dot]com/group_read[dot]html?gid=2125&post=845349 with the MSDT being paranoid of ever member on couchsurfing going to misue the edit button and are against more tools for the forum . Cs does not need any bad guys. As ever member is a potential bad guy according to them.

  • Aaaaaargh. Now even spam comments?

  • Looks like we have a new Kurt, and CS policies for dealing with problems like these haven’t changed:

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