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Brainstorm group is now locked for new members

And don’t know since when, but I found out today that it is no longer possible to join the brainstorm group without consent of the moderators… hum, yet another attempt to silence the criticism?

This is really sad, yet another low. Please, all who are committed to hospitality exchange, go elsewhere where people are in charge who grasp the concept of community

33 Responses to “Brainstorm group is now locked for new members”

  • Donna trying to kill brainstorm even further.

    Donna then takes over moderator ship from Marcus Eder then moves threads from the brainstorm to a new group moderated by her called politics and Policy discussion

    Ulf then forums a new failed group where he never posts called
    Brainstorm ~ Redefined
    Marcus Eder forms another group called Brainstorm – Legal questions
    Failed CSC austria (not a single recommendation was implemented )
    moderator ship hijacked . Well what more will give the message that his views dont mean a thing on cs anymore .

  • again and again

    Benti: “Please, all who are concerned about hospitality exchange, go elsewhere where people are in charge who grasp the concept of community”

    You keep saying this (and even droning on about your 10 reasons to not use CS) but when are you going to actually follow your own advice?

    Really, I think we get it. You think CS is in a bad spot and don’t approve of it, yet you still continue to use your time and energy to bash it rather than actually *doing something* at a place “where people are in charge who grasp the concept of community”. So what are you waiting for?

  • @again and again stop killing brain storm and stop making a fool of your self here.

  • Type: Public looks like donna changed the settings back to public.And yes it was donna and not marcus :) .Thank you bentivogli looks like your heads up worked.

  • @again and again: Are you the same person who called yourself “continually disgusted”, “irony”, “time to face the music” and so on? If you are, I would refer you to your comment in which you said:

    ok, this is the nick i’ll stick to as a tribute to the words of tg.

    If you are the same person, please use a consistent identity. Personally, I find it hard to keep track of all the anonymous posts under different names, I think your words lose credibility as a result.

  • once again helping your blatant disregard of actual issues

    Callum: “If you are the same person, please use a consistent identity.”

    Why would you assume that “again and again” wasn’t the same person if you didn’t take the time to check the IPs for yourself? Come on, Callum. But that’s not really the point, is it?

    If it WAS the same person you should instead be thanking him/her. At least by varying it up it looks like you actually have multiple people that read/respond to this site rather than just Daz that habitually and very negatively trolls over all over the place.

    As an added bonus you get yet another opportunity to focus entirely on the anonymous poster him/her-self who just changes their nick and easily disregard the whole issue itself yet again through painfully obvious misdirection. So (and this is just IF i was that person, of course) I’d have to say YOU’RE WELCOME!


  • Offtopic
    @once again helping your blatant disregard of actual issues
    Once again the stupid paranoid poster.ok pseudo psycho guess your views are ignored from now on due to your stupid user names.

  • I think the ambaSSadors need to be house trained. They are so lost or brainwashed they do not even know what is on the site they are goodwill ambassadors for

    Posted by Matthew Evans from Sherrill, United States
    I didn’t confuse anything about kasper’s approach. I knew about the NDA he was referring (couldn’t seem to find the exact location)…
    but simply pointed out the subversive nature of his post (as it obviously left one or two people utterly confused).

  • yet another anonymous username

    @Daz: “guess your views are ignored from now on due to your stupid user names.”

    that’s exactly what i thought (and said) would happen with you guys. thanks for proving me right daz!

    LOOK! here’s another post for you to bash! now you won’t have to find another hobby just yet! oh how i love to provide fodder for fools to entertain themselves with. that’s MY hobby!

    have fun OCS guys. what would you do if people like me didn’t give you more stuff to bitch about?

    (begin flaming now)

  • Jim stone is so stupid he just hid all the contents of the Conflict Resolution group

    Important note: If you have a problem with a member PLEASE contact us directly rather than posting about it here for the quickest help. This is only a group to talk about issues in general, not bring new ones to the attention of CouchSurfing. Thanks!

    Scared the truth will get out.Dont worry Jim it will!! sooner or later and all the dope from thailand with all the 20 some thing newbies you chose to attend the collective. I hope the thai king pays you a visit.

  • To someone’s credit (although, due to the enduring lack of communication, I don’t know whom to thank personally), I must mention that the original group settings of brainstorm appear to have been reinstored sometime last night.

  • Dear anynymous users (yes any of them) – hiding your identity does not mean you can say whatever and rant otherwise reasonable discussions impossible to read. No matter what side you’re on, postings like the above wont help either one.

    The one with silly names: pick an “identity” and stick with it. (since it’s obvious you will never identify yourself over here, although I believe bunch of us have an idea). Being the pirates “we” are we might just change the rules for comments and require a consistent (still anonymous) username + email address (could be made-up, but has to be consistent) to be used. (no conspiracy here, just me thinking out loud a bit)

    Daz, take a few deep breaths and think if it really helps to use the tone that’s recently become (I feel) a bit too assumptive and slandering – I know you have a history of digging up issues (or dirt ;) ) and I appreciate that (revelations which have many times been illuminating, thanks). But adjusting the tone just a little would help with credibility more than ever more attention-seeking behavior. I guess it’s fair to say, what I’ve seen from the inside does confirm what you’ve has been saying is most times not too far from the truth, so keeping the last shreds of dignity here would only do you good.

  • Point taken anu . Sorry about that but “yet another anonymous username” as usual gets me real angry.

  • @Daz about the “conflict resolutions group”: the reasoning behind setting it to a “private” setting is about privacy for the people involved in the claimed conflict. It’s not because somebody has accused you of doing something wrong that you are guilty. Making things like that public from the first word said is not fair towards the people involved.

    If I would start accusing you as a child molester (which you’re not, jsut using this as an extreme example) and people believe me more then they believe you then I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it that it is open for everybody to read. If there’s solid proof of it, then it is something to be taken to justice/police. It’s not our (everybody who’s not a judge and doesn’t have to do the legal parts of it)job to judge. In my world, everybody is innocent until proven otherwise and that is something that should be protected. Keeping accusitions like this in a closed group helps in a way to protect everybody from falls accusitions.

    (And yes, I’ve been once falsly accused of something (non-CS related) and it took a while to get thrust back from the people who believed it at first).

    @Anu: I agree on calming down about ‘mr anonymous’, it’s not good for both CS andd OCS.

    Although I’m sad to see you leave CS (for whatever reasons, I’m not going to be the judge about it), I’m also happy for you that you’re moving on and focus on BeWelcome. Hope it works out. It was nice to have met you at the Rotterdam Collective (Belgian beer night) and you’re always welcome in Antwerp (although that might mean contacting me through CS or through this site).

  • It’s not because somebody has accused you of doing something wrong that you are guilty.
    This sounds like the HC abuse team ? And why the sudden shielding of the ambassadors who posted there especially luca?Also the post deleted by rachel had police reports so it was not “just” and accusation. Covering up the truth will come back to haunt those who try to hide the truth sooner or later.
    Examples from real life :- cambodia.

    Remember only the guilty have something to hide. If they are not guilty why hide?

  • @Daz: My point is that it’s easy to say somebody did something wrong out of revenge (ref: ex-girlfriend) and make things up.

    “only the guilty have something to hide”
    true, but it’s easy to break a personby accusing them etc. Plenty of examples in the media like that. Truth always surfaces but sometimes it takes a hell of a long time before it does. (both in positve as in negative sense).

    About the deleted posts of Rachel (which I haven’t read, not following the group that hard) and the police reports. As I said, we should not be the judge of that. If the case is handed to the police, I truest the justice system about it. From the moment there is some kind of verdict about it, it should be mentioned somehow but until then nor Luca, nor Luca’s brother is guilty of anything.
    And as long as you haven’t read the police report (not the onces posted online but the real ones) it is not to us to judge anybody. (No, I haven’t read them either).

    Oh, and as Anu said… throwing with mud is not the idea behind this website..;

  • Thank you PMgD for your views.Hope you had a nice trip

  • Margaret sums it up really nicely in the brain storm group .
    “I too think that the CS/OCS is a false divide (we all want the same things)…but exists as a short-hand attempt to categorize people who differ in their degree of cynicism. ” :)

  • The CouchSurfing Project >> Conflict Resolution
    Conflict Resolution
    Sorry but this group has been deleted.

  • PMgD you say quote “nor Luca’s brother is guilty of anything.”

    This after 5 negative references on his profiles now deleted by Emily Scott.
    This is the trouble with male ambassadors on the site.
    Remember one of the most effective mechanism to counter abuse in a web based community (and also in real life) is to out the offender. it gives people a warning, and at the same time other victims the courage to speak out.

  • Check the updates: Valerio (Luca’s brother)’s profile has been deleted.

  • Margaret
    “Do privacy-compromising features really increase security? Please let’s look at this without the vitriol…it’s a clash of substance.”

    Now this is how people need to discuss issues on brainstorm without the vitriol!! The forum would be so much more productive with more people looking at issues without bias.

    Thank you Margaret.

  • If you guys had not blocked my IP from your site for whatever reason you felt appropriate……………If you are so open why are you blocking MY ip? Because you don’t want me to read your trash?

    Realize it is not to kill brainstorm it is to save it. To kill it would be to delete it. we actually have a brainstorm group that is getting things accomplished for the site.

    As far as you are all concerned Norbert is the only one posting on the storm that has made one iota of sense.

  • @Donna (if it ís you):

    Please read the entire thread before posting a comment the contents of which are outdated. Something strange apparently happened, and Marcus (I think) was kind enough to set it right again. Issue settled.

  • For the records: Right after I noticed this post, I checked out Brainstorm and it was locked. I send Marcus/Bontour (who is a friend of mine and was co-moderating brainstorm with me for a while) a mail to ask him about it. He answered, he don’t know anything about it the changed group settings and he don’t agree with it. Some time later the group settings were set back to public, but I don’t know who made the change. So Niels is right: Issue settled.

  • @DONNA: For the record, I have not blocked any IPs from accessing this server in relation to OpenCouchSurfing. Various IPs have been blocked for repeated abuses, but none of them in connection with OpenCouchSurfing.

    I have not blocked your IP.

  • Donna lets see.
    1. You make personal attacks on a group like brainstorm without a single contribution.
    2.You hijack the moderatorship from marcus the original mod
    3. You move 500 posts from the brain storm and create another group where you are also the moderator and call it politics.
    4. You and ulf create another sub group call it redefined you now say “we actually have a brainstorm group that is getting things accomplished for the site.”
    That is so stupid. Why would a moderator who wants to improve participation do all the things you did. Important point you are a newbie when it comes to group moderation and are doing it based on your close proximity to casey,jim stone who surfed your couch and were your burning man groupies. Definitely a no no when it comes to a group mod. This shows you are not suited to be a group mod.
    The group called redefined create by ulf has NO posting by ULF and also the posters are again groupies who are buddies of the clique. Please do not try to pull a fast one it wont work.

    The reason i call you a newbie is a moderate who curtails participation of a group as awesome as brainstorm and justifies it by says she is saving the group is a joke. You were never on the group before the crash .Have never started a thread which could be called a brainstorm and you are a mod!! Guess these are the privileges “unty donna” enjoys .The privilege of undermining the rightful mod marcus who used to participate in the brainstorm and never used to stoop to personal attack .And experienced mod would know that. Guess you still have to learn that.

  • @Donna “As far as you are all concerned Norbert is the only one posting on the storm that has made one iota of sense.”

    Ok so you mean to say
    1 Stijn Vernaillen post on the CS Board Game
    2 New Group: Enforce privacy rights on CouchSurfing! Christian W altermann
    3 Deactivating account for a bit *Marije*
    4 RFC – CS redesign proposal or sort of… Part 1 – Profile Ricardo & Ana Lamego
    Like i said you are a mod of a group you never participate in and also do not know what is going on in the group . Time to remove you from the moderatorship of that group

  • Gmu recent post on the brainstorm shows
    how people like (mikky mouth and promisteus the two people who forceably add ambassadors to groups ) think it is below their dignity to apologise for their mistake and yeah doing a good job will never get you any praise on cs so forget waiting for any to come any time soon.

    Also casey never checks the brainstorm group now because he and his cronies post on the GOOGLE GROUPS ONLY. So the idea is make a site (cs) let the dogs bark on the cs group and just work with your pals on google groups.

    ULF seems to have lost it . And his posts seem to show his lack of seriousness to important issues . Also with all the posts in his breakaway group going with ZERO replies . I hope the rebels like spyro and Ricardo (the cs demi god) . Show that the brainstorm redefined group is not a JOKE.

  • Woo hoo!! With Marcus Eder the original brainstormer who made brainstorm so awesome taking over from the coup /hijack (where moderators were killing the group and also were disrespectful by changing the name of the group )

    I have high hopes now for the brainstorm .

  • “I hope the rebels like spyro and Ricardo (the cs demi god) . Show that the brainstorm redefined group is not a JOKE.”

    Has your hope been justified? My newest suggestion may have been flamed by Pickwick but I have put a lot of suggestions forward in that group and posted on a lot.

  • Spyro, i see good stuff on ‘redefined’, i also see good stuff on the original brainstorm. What i don’t see is any semblance that anything is heard or acknowledged or prioritized. Basic things like telling people key functons of the site are turned off doesn’t even make the main page – instead we just have old reiterated crap about the old Thai collective (useless) newsletters.

    Going by Ambs Public, CS doesn’t even listen to the people it supposedly trusts the most, the ambs, who are now leaving – and meanwhile Ulf in Ambs private is telling them not to go, just to vent what they think is wrong. Yet he and they and we ALL know what is wrong – no one at the top listens or cares what the members think.

  • LEIMONDO from Tuross Head, Australia
    Location: The CouchSurfing Project >> Thoughts from the General Manager >> Public Comments for GM
    I have been asked to offer my time and my know how to improving the Communications to Ambassadors however, whilst the “gods” remain mute, I have have little intention of doing so.

    another one bites the dust……………

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