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What do the LT actually do?

We used to get the excuse “Casey is too busy”. Now we get the excuse “The LT is too busy“. This begs the question, too busy doing what?

CouchSurfing now has 4 full time, paid members of staff. That’s a 300% increase in professional resources within the organisation. What exactly are all these professionals doing?

Here’s a few things they’re not doing which they could be doing.

  • Publishing finances, up to the minute (it’s really not hard)
  • Getting 501(c)(3) status (again, really not hard)
  • Publishing LT meeting minutes (extremely easy)
  • Getting a new NDA sorted (seriously, it doesn’t take 15 months)

Perhaps they’re too busy partying, having threesomes, burning da man, banning people from the wiki, spreading the verification disease, etc. Who knows eh? ;-)

7 Responses to “What do the LT actually do?”

  • I have no doubt that there are plenty of things that the LT has on their plate to do. Any organization, business, or non-profit has lots of things to do.

    The issue isn’t that they’re busy… I think the implication is that the listed tasks aren’t high enough on their “list of priorities” to get to right away.

  • Yeah, I’m sure they do have stuff to do, but I don’t accept the repeated excuse “We’re too busy.” I think it’s BS.

  • Aside from any other aspects of the current drama in CS, the LT, the self-proclaimed leaders by virtue of their self-described superior leadership qualities, are exhibiting a strange form of leadership during the biggest crisis in CS history: invisibility.

    In the central public meeting area of CS, the Brainstorm Group:

    Where is Casey?
    Where is Matthew?
    Where is Jim?
    Where is Mr. Rico?
    Where is Aldo?
    Where is Duke?
    Where is Dan?
    Where is Heather?

    Guess: their Tax Ninja lawyer advised them to take the 5th. i.e., cease all communication to avoid incriminating themselves any further.

  • they do very important things, how dare you question their ability, authority and intention!

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  • this is so sad. how long will you continue this pointless quest to discredit others? why are you so angry and resentful about this whole thing?

    if you don’t like CS, why not just move on and do something constructive with your life? all this time you guys spend on trashing others could be spent helping people.

    i sincerely pity your troubled state.

  • After the post by “Donna Flowers” I’d like to nominate a title change of this entry to “What does the OCS spam filter actually do?”

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