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Three easy ways for direct action

Did you ever volunteer for CouchSurfing? Please edit this (incomplete) summary of time spent volunteering for CS.

If you’re active in the CS groups you probably found out that it’s not allowed anymore to discuss politics and policy in the Brainstorm groups. Threads are moved to the newly formed Politics and Policy group. Since groups are ordered by number of members, it is not so prominent yet, but with 39 or 42 members (39 on the group page, the number 42 can be deduced from Casey’s profile; and I hope this is just a normal bug) in its short period of existence it is a sign that couchsurfers do care about the politics of this organization. You can help by joining the Politics and Policy group, so that it will be a bit more prominent (hint: you can set it to “No Communication”, if you don’t want to be on it at all times, that’s how I set all my groups, and that’s how I found out that someone kicked me out of Brainstorm and then joined me again).

If you haven’t already, please fill out this survey about the questions that will be offered to the Leadership Team. And although I would have posed them in a different way, I think the most important questions are:

  • Are there any full bye-laws of the corporation, further than the Articles of Agreement, or a draft thereof, and if yes, will you post it?
  • Are you willing to adopt a clause in the corporate bye-laws that irrevocably dedicates all assets to charitable purposes?
  • Is there any draft of the 501(c)(3) application (Form IRS-1023), and if yes, will you post it?

But of course, just pick your own favorites. You can choose 20!

4 Responses to “Three easy ways for direct action”

  • So you think Casey or the LT will ever talk about the “most important questions ” you have posted here?

    Have you ever thought they will not talk about it as they have other plans.People respond to topics when they have something in common with the topic or are going to implement something similar.

    A good example is the 501(c)(3) where Casey wrote on the Google groups in January that in a couple of months they would file . And then silence :) .

  • I just completed filling out the survey. How can we see the statistics about it? (i mean how many have filled it out so far, which questions are more popular by now etc).
    Can more questions be added now or is it too late?
    Also can i repost this survey to my local groups?
    The more people know about it the better, don’t you think?

  • Hey Maria,

    I’m afraid this is the wrong place to ask for additions to the survey. As far as I can tell, the survey was actually set up by “The Rachel”, so you can always look her up. However, I seem to recall that the discussion where you could add questions has already been closed.

    And why are you asking permission to repost it? Go! Be free! (In OCS, we see open communication as the highest of goals, so we’d never oppose something like that.)

  • Well, what really troubled me lately was some of Ulf postings on “Brainstorm” saying more or less that the survey wouldn’t approach lots of participants…So, i kind of want to prove him wrong ;)
    So, yes, i reposted the link of the survey given by Donna on “Brainstorm” on my local groups and waiting to see what happens.
    Unfortunatelly, there are no statistic figures available to show the participation so far :(
    To tell you the truth i think those statistics are really essential!!
    Maybe through those, we could see wheather the “silent majority” will finally reveal themselves and take a stand showing that they DO care about these issues or not.
    But in order to see this happen we have to spread the word about the survey, don’t we?
    So why not all of you repost it to your local groups?
    Just a thought :)

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