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Valeri on Project Management Improvement and Communication

Valeri on Project Management Improvement and Communication.

I’m removing this text, since it’s slightly out of context. You can find it through clicking on the link though. — Kasper, September 13th 2007

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    Bill George: In this century, leadership has changed. Leadership is not about getting people to follow you, the “Great Man theory,” follow you over the hill General George Patton style. That idea is out. To me, the great leaders today are able to align people around a sense of purpose and values and get that consistency all around the globe, and then empower other people to step up and lead. And I’ve found that in organizations that are really effective at generating leaders, there are thousands of leaders because people empower them to step up and lead.


  • Woohoo

    Good to see Valeri isn’t a CS lapdog ;)

    Good to see she speaks her mind

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