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Eating your own dogfood.

So, I’ve become a consumer of our own product, and I am happy to report that “the dogfood tastes great”. This weekend, It looks like I’m all set to BeWelcome surf in Paris. I didn’t even bother to try with because I knew that although only 1000 members, BeWelcome seems to already be getting enough geographic coverage. Having not been involved in usability of either CS or BW (I’m a database guy), it was refreshing to see how much more intuitive BeWelcome already is. Top marks to the devs.

3 Responses to “Eating your own dogfood.”

  • I have similar experiences. I think that BeWelcome has quickly attracted the people who are most dedicated to hospitality.

    But I don’t understand, the BeWelcome code looks so much better than the CS code (which was described as “dog’s breakfast”) once. Especially when the move to Platform PT is finished, it will be more like an exquisite vegan meal, I think. Let’s just hope it won’t be too spicy.

  • Hey good to see your BWsurf was a success! I feel that BW serves a counter-culture niche that CS is now too big for.

  • Wasn’t it how CS started initially – everyone was zealous to host. With expansion comes politics and alternatives.

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