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I never got my application in

On August 2nd, Couchsurfing Announced that they were looking to hire a full time developer. I look back today (August 10th) and I notice that:

***We Are No Longer Accepting Applications***

I’m not sure what day they posted this notice, but it seems a very short period of time to advertise a vacancy. I always suspected that announcing this was just to escape criticism about “hiring all of Casey’s friends”. I guess soon we will get to see who the developer is, and if it is indeed a familiar face.

8 Responses to “I never got my application in”

  • Want to start guessing about who will get the position?

  • As far as I know, the only reason the application period was so short (which was announced properly by the way ;) ) was because the need is high. Sorry to see you never got your application in, I think you would have made a good candidate..

  • Would it sound too “motherish” if i said : “I told you so…”?
    20 euros bet on Chris?

  • My money is on Weston Hankins.

    This is Casey’s reference for him:

    “One of my first introductions to Weston was his commit of the code that allows us all to set localized time preferences. I have been waiting for a developer to implement this for 3 years now! I could kiss you Weston! Thank you my friend! You rock my world! :-)


    “Weston is my newest friend. I am honored to be getting to know this wonderful guy!”

  • You’re probably right, Maria. Chris it’ll be. Weston’s too new!

  • Walter – thank you for replying. You have a good point, but most Job Applications like that mention the closing date.

    It’s been a while since I’ve applied for a job, so I would have had to spend some time on writing a resume.

  • I don’t think it will be Chris – he’s off to go studying. I really have no idea to be honest.

  • Well, CS is not the only game in town.

    As for advertising jobs, its business accepted to keep a post for 14-30 days. This is specific to Equal Opportunity Employer, which does not just mean age or preference discrimination. It also means adequate time to apply.

    I imagine CS has no knowledge of this, but hey eventually they will have someone running this stuff ;)

    Alas, I feel everyone should be happy that CS posted it at all and in the future they will do better.

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