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The CouchSurfing Censorship Plot Thickens

I learned today that Jim Stone blocked Kasper’s account 4 weeks after Kasper moved the pages in question. As I suspected, without warning, discussion or otherwise. In typical CouchSurfing Corporation Style.  Glad to see Jim is settling into his new job, getting the hang of how CouchSurfing runs things. He’ll fit right in.

5 Responses to “The CouchSurfing Censorship Plot Thickens”

  • While I don’t expect you guys to actually report things factually (I understand how easier it is to smear hate about CS doing it by just making stuff up as you go along) I’ll correct you this one last time. His latest complete page blanking (with the exception to links to another particular website, of course) was on 26 July.

    Maybe you meant to say 4 days instead of 4 weeks?

  • Jim, I moved 2 pages on the 26th of July and a dozen on the 3rd of July.
    Here’s a useful page to know about if you’re into wiki administration:

    Maybe it could also be nice to create some statistics, so you might be able to see that I’m the biggest contributor on your wiki for a long time to come.

  • @Jim: You’ve repeatedly avoided my question Jim. Where does the content belong? Kasper feels it is best place not on the CS Wiki, do you disagree?

    You say Kasper blanked pages and added links to another site. There’s a much simpler way to describe those actions. He moved the content onto another Wiki.

  • Wow, you all have way too much time on your hands. find jobs and get lives. Really. Try becoming a useful part of society!!!!

  • @wow: I’m assuming you’re the same person who has left anonymous comments on other posts. Again, please use your name.

    If you have something to say, by all means contribute to the debate. However, I can’t see anything of substance in your response. I’m glad to know you’re listening though, it’s nice to know that somebody is paying attention.

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