This site was archived on 24 April 2012. No new content can be posted. The mailing list remains online and the site will stay in this archived state for the forseeable future. If you find any technical errors on the site, please contact Callum. is Back is back online after almost 20 hours of down time.

This downtime was especially frustrating for a number of reasons.

1) It was unannounced. Even on the public developers list, there was no forewarning of the upgrade. No doubt travellers were left stranded while the site was down for almost a full day.

2) It clearly wasn’t planned well enough. There are so many willing and skilled volunteers who could have helped with this upgrade, if it weren’t for CouchSurfing’s ludicrous NDA.

I warmly encourage you to take action now, join the campaign, sign the petition.

4 Responses to “ is Back”

  • Actually, it was announced:

    It took longer than expected due to problems _not on our end_, and the next part of the upgrade should take less time.

    I realize that many members might not read the site news, so we’re sending an email about the upgrade (and downtime) to make sure all travelers and hosts have their contact info sorted.

  • Hi Heather,

    I agree about the announcement, you’re right, it was on the news on the homepage. It wasn’t announced to developers though, which seems a little odd.

    The problems were due to bad planning I believe. My understanding from speaking to Morgan (a MySQL engineer) is that the new server can be brought up, configured, and loaded with 99% of the data before the old server is taken offline. This means that the old server *only* goes offline after the new server is ready. Then the down time is measured in minutes not hours, and if there are any unexpected problems, the old server is live until everything is resolved.

    I think an email to the membership will be great, hopefully that will give people a heads up for future down time.



  • No need to do these things anymore, go vmware, you can juggle your virtual servers from one hardware box to another ON THE FLY. Yes sure you take a performance penalty but at least you are up and running all the time.

  • yeezzz, down for a few hours again???? this is at 10:31 am on 14th of may 2007. Wondering if it will really be two or three hours.

    Read my lips guys “VMWare”. Upgrading to bigger hardware on the fly…..

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