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Welcome to When we started our mission was to:

Participate in creating a Better and More Open CouchSurfing Organisation, one Freedom at a time.

We believe in the spirit of CouchSurfing, of creating a better world through understanding. We believe this purpose is best served by a truly Open Organisation, one that is representative of the CouchSurfing community as a whole. We believe information should flow freely through an Open Organisation.

We have realized that this Freedom will not come from within the Couchsurfing core itself.

We believed in being able to help Couchsurfing by opening the organisation from the outside (and some of us tried to continue this from the inside, for as long as they felt there was even a slightest chance). But after in August 2007, only a couple of months after starting OpenCS, we have realized that the only person in control wants to keep as much power as possible. So instead we focus on raising awareness to those who care about what they are donating to and volunteering for, and on pointing those who care to more open and free alternatives such as BeWelcome, Crash at Mine or NoseRub.

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