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Changes for new users

We had our first spam post on OpenCS today. Our WordPress settings allowed anyone to register and immediately publish posts. Until now, it was never abused (at least not that I noticed). Today it was. In response, I’ve switched all new users to have only “Subscriber” level permissions on the blog. I’ve also deleted the offending user and the post.

There’s no easy way to combat this type of spam. New user signups are pretty constant. We have a great deal of “spam” users already on the database who have not yet posted anything. Let’s hope they remain dormant.

If you have other ideas about how we can respond to the spamming, please contribute in the comments here. I’m happy to change the settings back if that’s the consensus. My feeling is that because this site is so quiet now, it’s ok that new users need to ask on the mailing list before they can write posts here. What do you think?

There is no change to comment settings. Comments work just as they did before.

Reason people go through Couchsurfing? Sexuality and Spam

Snezana (Zhana) Vrangalova says she had the approval of a “CS administrators.” to spam? all the groups on couchsurfing with her survey on couchsurfing, safety, and sexuality. Does the approval of one person make it right ?

Also do you consider this spam ?

is an inappropriate attempt to use email, or another networked communications facility by sending the same message to numerous people who didn’t ask for it.

Some of the questions from the survey

Q Have you ever had sex with a guest you didn’t know before? This includes, but is NOT limited to intercourse, and can refer to oral sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, and other sexual behaviors.

Q If you answered “Yes” to the above questions, with how many different guests have you had sexual encounters with?

Q If you had more than one sexual experience with a guest while hosting, please describe up to two of the most memorable ones (using the same prompts as above).

Q In your past experiences, how often have you expected/hoped that a guest would have sex with you during their stay?

Q In your past experiences, how often have you felt that your guest was expecting/hoping to have sex with you?

Snezana Vrangalova grad, whose research delves into the world of casual relationships, explained that while a person uses a website for the sole purpose of finding sex, many other people that are on the website are looking for the same.

The main reason people go through these websites is simply for pleasure. Women much more often engage in casual sex with the intention that it will lead to a relationship. Men do it to increase or maintain their status in their peer group.”

How straight are straight people exactly? ppt file

Wow !! Couchsurfing with the hope to have sex? Humm guess cultural exchange was just the smoke screen?