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This blog is mostly run by BW-lovers with a clear agenda (make CS and HC look bad so their “oh-so-moral” alternative looks attractive). For all others, who still have a somewhat open mind and don’t fall so easily for Kasper & Co’s constant propaganda, here a link to our side of the story:

The real background about this “democratic, transparent, legal” (sic) network.

Announcing The CouchSurfing Leadership Team

Great! Finally! Some tangible (public) information about the Leadership Circle! Mattthew started articles on the CS wiki about the Leadership Team and the Leadership Qualities. I will refrain myself from any comments, since I won’t do any better than Anu:

How about these?

  • Ability for respectful conflict resolution through confrontation rather than avoidance
  • Ability for open, direct and sincere dialog with the community
  • Ability to take in and reflect upon constructive criticism and act on it accordingly
  • Ability to operate in a multi-cultural environment, actively realizing the mission of inter-cultural understanding in accepting varying communication styles and other differences stemming from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to operate in a largely virtual organization

… then I went to sleep for a couple of hours.
When waking up I was surprised to see that:

To create a bit of balance I then started the Dissident Team.