What are we trying to achieve?

To help give our members an insight into what it is we are working towards achieving, not only as Collective participants, but as an organization, check out the priorities page of this blog.

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3 Responses to “What are we trying to achieve?”

  1. “A “thank you” system is in the process of being developed so we can remind our volunteers how important they are and how much we appreciate them.”

    Awesome. I wonder if I will get my “thank you” for the money and the months of work that I spent on CouchSurfing.

  2. adia says:

    Kasper, don’t be vindictive…

  3. adia, wondering about my “thank you” is not really showing a “strong or unreasoning desire for revenge”. Or maybe I should bow down and be grateful that my CS profile has not been removed so far?