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Making the world a better place?

‘Making the world a better place’

This was not the primary reason i and many others, signed up to cs, but it was an indicator to me and many others as to the atmosphere of the site, network and organisation. I think that it was right to remove this mission, as CSI consistently made the world a much worse place, for many of its members. It has also failed to multiply any of its members efforts to make the world a better place and actively prevented many from doing so. Even doing anything to make CS a better place, let alone anything in the real world, has proved to be beyond the abilities of casey fenton, dan hoffer, jim stone and mat bauer.

Making the world a better place for me is what i live for, its how i was brought up, in my culture, religion, family and community. Its natural or at least intelligent, to want to do so, it is how our species have got as far ahead as they have. We naturally look out for others, attending to the old, the young and disadvantaged. I see it everywhere i go. It is natural for our species!

If CS can make the world a better place, it will be that it has brought together like minded people, who actively care about their fellow humans and other species and the world we all share.

For me personally, the triviality of the politics of CS and to an extent the general hospex scene is pathetic, juvenile and a blockage to achieving anything productive. I was twice deleted for trying to achieve positive and productive initiatives, wasted countless hours, days, weeks even on the general mess that CSI has created for itself, as well as donating 25 bucks, to a ‘charitable’ cause and i’m not the only one that has done the same, with no result.

Ok this is a complicated thread and i’ll try and steer it closer to the centre. OK. Most of the, comments from people who are aware of the reality of CS are angry and negative, which in my view is a natural reaction, when you have been cheated, lied to, abused, defrauded, etc. BUT. Big but here. But, these negative emotions and states are fundamentally non-productive on the whole and do nothing towards the aspirations of the writer, the community or the greater world. If they prompted or forced change then they would be positive, but this is not often the case in CS, the reverse is often true, in that they have made the shy leadership hide even more and be even less unproductive.

Since my first deletion, i have had a lot of space away from that anger and negativity, which really made my world a better place. I allowed a global amb, who knew me personally, to initiate a process to get my account back. I won’t go into this story, because its looong and negative. But during this time i had a lot of time to think. The result of this thinking and having my account restored, with additional lifetime, censorship and restricted movement and association terms(designed to make a person angry imo), was to setup a site where the community could talk, associate and organise community projects, in a positive space. has been up for around 8 months. I put a 3 month personal limit on the amount of time i would actively spend on the site. This project, i would say currently, has failed. The reasons are numerous and varied, but the most common ones are, lack of interest in CS ‘anymore’, fear of negative reprisals, personal dislike of me, because of lack of understanding of my style of dealing with problems and most common of all, amongst the masses is, ignorance, disbelief or simple apathy ‘I’m alright Jack’. I don’t want to dwell on negative things and really the failure of CSC was very positive for me, as i discovered that given a clear opportunity to do more in one year than CSI has done in total and make CS many times better, that few people had the courage to stand up an be counted and even fewer to actually do anything when they did join. This made the situation very clear and i learnt a great deal from it and from the whole CS experience in general.

I don’t see this as a specific CS problem, it is far more general than that. Which is why this thread is here. The problems in CS are a mini version of problems in the wider world. Most people in this world don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. This is at the heart of most of the problems around the world and at the root of what leads many people to to say and do negative things as a reaction. This is quite natural in most modern societies, because it is how we are brought up(educated/conditioned), but it is unnatural to the human animal, by default.

If the people, who pay more than just lip service to the idea of making a better world, actively made it better or at least have the desire to do so, collaborating in an organised way to multiply the results, conversations like this would not be needed.

Now this is the interesting part, well for me anyway, because its complicated.

First off. Creating anything where one party forces/coerces another to do something, that they would not normally do, by whatever means, is bad. I am a big believer autonomy and where persuasion is needed, in carrot, not stick or tricks. Further in my mind any sustained group that gather around a philosophy, is a cult. This is a very big part of why I chose not to put up a big vision on CSC, which is one of its biggest criticisms. The other big part was because, i didn’t want to impose my thoughts onto our community. The hope was that collective community conversation would mould the site however we choose. I was ready, able and willing to provide resources that would reduce the system based problems and facilitate a successful project.

So whats the answer to that? The philosophy of no philosophy? That dose not work either, because it requires people to think for themselves, doomed. The answer in my mind is to have a minimal non intrusive base set of terms and rights and use technology, to resolve system based problems. Rules are needed when the system can’t deal with an event. In my mind rules are the symptom of poor/lazy system design. So the aim would be to create a site that is generally designed to protect members, giving them the freedoms of real world interaction as well as methods for self defence protection.

This is simpleish on a single small site, but when looking at a more complex situation, such as the wider hospex community or even the make the world a better place community, there are many details that will never come together under a single project. This for me is part of the beauty of the world. It is too detailed to ever fit everything into one mould

What is needed imo, is a loose organisation that acts as a conduit between disparate organisations, communities and individuals, that allow them to communicate, function and achieve objectives together, whilst maintaining their autonomy.

I have a couple of domains that i have registered to build one or more networks, when i have the time and money, hopefully later in the year. These sites are more general than CS or even CSC, but not as wide ranging as i would want, because being too general/simple, requires a lot of work, to then be attractive to numbers of people large enough to create a functioning community. A more general network would aim to attract a smaller number of diverse players/networks/groups. I have seen the need for such a network for many years in the charity/npo space. In my mind the best way to create such a network is to start from grass roots, create something of value that will naturally attract like minded organisations/communities/individuals.

Making the world a better place sounds like hard work to many people and immediately cop out. ‘Shit man, you mean, i have to actually do something, na, i’ll pass thanks. Let me know when you have a plan where i don’t actually have to get of the sofa’. I’ll leave it to another text to break down the folly of this thinking, maybe even a whole book, but the rewards of this type of project will always be immeasurably bigger than the positive effort used to achieve them.

To get a project going would require a base set of professional individuals, who can bring design, technical, legal and financial skills and knowledge. One of each is enough to start, although the more the better. Location, age, colour, sex and sexuality, nationality, religion and size are irrelevant. Knowledge and a little intelligence is all that is required. Doing it properly from the start, with a clean slate, is for me, the key to the success of such a or any, project.

If any of you reading this has a beating heart and a determination to make this while world a better place, for everyone or even if just for yourself, your children, then i implore you to email me

I have a lot of time, energy and resources to work on such a project, if any of you also have the courage to act and not just get angry. I am not about getting angry or about being passive. Another way is possible. Though the change first needs to happen within you.



14 Responses to “Making the world a better place?”

  • blablabla.. sorry but terrible bullshit.

  • If you’ve got an opinion, then express it properly. Why do you think it is bullshit? Do you think all of it is bullshit or is it that you’re just full of shit?

    If half hearted shit like that, is all you can come up with, then next time save yourself the trouble. Thats probably about all you can manage though or do you want to prove me wrong and show that you can produce an even slightly thought out response. You’re the sort of bullshit time wasters that make this world a shittier place. Come on fella, if your going to step up, step up, if not go an play with the other children.

  • Oh look, involontaire/amused/notamused/j.baptiste/Nomad has returned under yet another pseudonym to resume his desperate cheerleading for the Couchsurfing Team:

    • i’m not as dumb as nomad; I DO agree CS is a scam; but this just doesnt make me enjoy reading this kind of I-want-attention 14-year-old literature

      • Funny, you seem to enjoy writing like an ‘I want attention’ 14 year old. ;)

        • actually there is another expression “you are the one who said so you you re the one who is” used by kids in early primary school kids in france :)

          • I don’t deny i want attention, brought to the very serious issues in CS. Such as The New Hampshire State’s investigation into CS for tax fraud. Casey should set up! lol

            I also want attention brought to actually getting of the sofa and actioning some things that will result in a better world, today.

            The same immature expression is probably used by children everywhere. In England we say, he who smelt it, dealt it. Normally only true of very young children, who haven’t learnt to convincingly deceive yet. But the odd thing is, you expose your own bs and then throw insults at yourself! I hope Social Services are looking after you, it seems you are quite confused.

            Can you try to elevate your thinking from that of an 11 year old?
            Or, just move on, from OCS?!

  • Ok, CS sucks.
    But you rant on too much about your own personal feelings and your struggle vs CS. I would read this blog more if there was something more relevant for me.

    I’m not sure if I understand what you’re trying to do, like start something, but I can’t tell what?

    • You are right CS does suck. But I don’t tend to leave it as one lump and make the distinction between the great group of humans, pets and stuffed animals, the community and the rabble that for some reason think that they should be called leaders or now strategists. CSI sucks so bad, that your right when included with the community, CS sucks a large one.

      I try to avoid it, but i think after the treatment i have been subjected to by CSI, really, I’m fairly entitled to have a bit of a rant now and then. What do you think? Do you even know the half of it?

      If you expressed yourself a little more and didn’t require me to tease, what you need, out of you, then i would try to include something that was more relevant to you. What do you need? What do you want?

      Its simple what i’m trying to do. Increase the love and the results of its use, aka make the world a better place. Specifically what i’m trying to do is to get a bit more organised on a stable base, technologically and legally. It comes across a bit empty maybe, this is because it has a fairly dam wide remit. Try using a bit of vision and tell us what you see?

      It is relevant here, because this was what CouchSurfing Int let me and countless others to believe, through their website, was that, CS, whilst just a fun and positive hospitality network, had designs to do some fun and positive plans to do some good shit.

      As Casey, Jim, Matt, Dan and the rest of the gang have proved that they have virtually none of the qualities organise, run and deliver a simple organisation on a stable legal base, let alone do anything to make the world a better place, most people have realised what CS really is at its core a cheap stinking rats nest of lies, deceit, abuse, fraud and incompetence.

      CS succeeds because the community runs itself, IN SPITE of a really crap website, which is really all that CSI provides for the members of the CS community.

      In addition the Holy Family have been globally and publicly demonstrating for half a decade, that they are utter spineless yellow cowards, by hiding away in undisclosed locations, sounds like the leaders of another topical organisation, where they can retreat in to a delusional fantasy world, to can try and convince themselves and rationalise even the biggest piles of shit in to sunshine and believe they are actually really great and in fact doing a brilliant job, despite meagre resources, that there are no problems in CS and the world is a better place because of CS.

      The world is indeed a better place because of CS and CSI can be credited with its creation, but to try for one moment to suggest(I’m saying this generally, i’m not saying you have) that they are responsible for the excellence of the community, would be the biggest collective insult that these founding members could give.

      It is the members of the community who are excellent. It is the members of the community that promoted and organised ITSELF not CSI, casey and the rest of the ‘corporation’. Based on who actually did the work to build the community, ie the community itself, then i think the community has grounds to claim that CSI take its hand off, what they have toiled and largely paid for, with their homes, there time, there mobiles, their hospitality and give it much more say in what could ultimatly be deemed to be theirs. I would say that the community’s support for CS pitifully outweighs CSI’s. No?

  • TimLoal I’m sorry I tried to read it; but got terribly bored. I think this text is empty and poor. It even reminded me of bad late Michael Jackson lyrics. :) When you have very little to say at least keep it short.

  • involontaire, I don’t really need to reply to this because you have just made yourself look bad. Taking into mind your first comment, you wrote that after not even reading it?! Nice. Then you tell everyone you didn’t read it, then you judge it again after you have just declared that you don’t know what it says.

    If you haven’t read something and don’t understand what you haven’t read, what gave you the bright idea to comment? ‘:

    Shit, Nomad must be really dumb! :p

    Interestingly, i actually have a great deal to say and try and keep it from becoming Ulf grade. You want to read a post where i’ve taken the brakes a bit off! I write 90 page technical reports in a weekend, so posts sometimes seem like writing in an SMS message.

  • Anymore trolls lurking in the bushes? Just stay in the bushes! ;)

    Any of you normal folk out there who want to come in on this, on topic? Please do so.

    We should leave the CSI cult members to their wild and happy fantasies. You know guys you really shouldn’t visit sites like this, its not good for you, you might actually realise the truth and then you’d feel really really stupid! You get so angry, because the truth threatens your belief structure and you have to insult and attack the posts and their authors, to prop up your twisted beliefs. Drug addicts act in a similar way when their supply is threatened. Do you still get high on CS or are you wallowing in a sea of misery, like a addict, having forgotten what the original high was like? Desiring to drag anyone you can, down to your level, so that you don’t feel so bad or so lonely. Hating everything, because you’ve forgotten what its like to love and pulling a smile over it all so no one knows.

    Lets get back to increasing the love!


  • I did read most of your article. I just don’t see any interest in it. Sorry to threaten your belief structure I (and niknah?) might not be trolls.
    You could also try to figure out what is motivating people people from “the cult”. Why do they want to get involved in CS no matter what!
    To be honest I don’t give a damn at CS being manipulative and runned by greedy donks anymore. I just MOVED ON!

    • Make your mind up fella! Your lack of interest is not a threat bruv, don’t worry.
      I have a fair idea how $2M+ could form part of the motivation, easy life, free accommodation, food, holidays, etc. not the only motivation, but that’s enough to be getting on with.
      A very small percentage of people, get caught up in the bullshit and unfortunately believe it or they are close enough to the top to reap the rewards of the fraud, but that doesn’t make their motivation positive or Honourable. If I’ve missed something, please let me know. Maybe you could tell us how you are involved and what motivates you?
      Yea you really seem like you have moved on, but i’m glad you’re honest.
      Talking of moving on, I have to fly, literally, got work to do on another continent.
      BTW, do you want to identify yourself or are you hiding for a reason?

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