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Replacing The Airplane-Symbol With Something Less Insidious

Why is the “I am traveling” logo on a couchsurfing profile symbolised by an airplane? That’s what a member asked himself. He suggests to have this “pernicious symbol” replaced with a drawing that better relates to what traveling is about.

Small in itself, I think this is quite an important observation, and a great way for Couchsurfing also to reach out to the community. For example to ask for new drawings and have members to vote on those. But instead of seeing this as an opportunity to increase member-involvement, this was the answer:

Thank you for your suggestion! We have added your idea to the wish list for the tech team. However, please note that our tech team’s “Must Do” list is large, followed by a larger “To Do” list, followed by an even larger “Wish List.” Therefore, we have no way to tell you if, or when, your suggestion may ever be implemented.

7 Responses to “Replacing The Airplane-Symbol With Something Less Insidious”

  • fecking hippie. who cares?

    • very productive involontaire.
      Instead ov name calling like a 5 year old, you could atleast brag about your accomplishments.
      Not that i really think anything will change from within the CS system, but its something to do and maybe get people motivated towards A.)being more involved B.)leaving CS for better things or C.)’fill in the blank’.
      Its your choice, and i see where i’ve wasted 5 minutes ov my time.

  • Good post, Robino, and a valid point. Their attitude might also stem from really wanting to preserve their “original icon,” the red (inflatable) couch.

    But yes, what you noticed/experienced, is the norm. Most/all constructive suggestions or offers of assistance, are rejected for what seems like no good reason. Along with some BS brush-off excuse.

    The icon contest suggestion would’ve required very little/no management effort from the core, really would’ve been “community” supported, and would’ve generated community involvement and good-will.

    It comes back to the clique/cult concept, whereby by design, “the elite” are above suggestions from “below,” in order to maintain their illusion and insularity.

    Aren’t they also using part of the $2million collected to date, to pay someone to act as a community liaison? Isn’t proactive “management” involvement in exactly these kinds of things, already someone’s responsibility?

  • Robino

    Quality idea!

    CSI is so behind the curve it hurts. They surprised me a.few times, never anything big, without a vocal call the community.

    Maybe start a CS group, see if you can present the case well to the community and at least discuss the issue. I feel its the issue as much as the status ‘icon’ that is important to you and me. You may do well to redefine the problem, with the premise, that CSI will do jack shit to support a good idea. I thought it was that sort of org, where a member has an idea one day and some developer would run with it and make it happen, all through the night and next day or three, if needed. For free! An hour tops for a 3 or 4 member creative team to come up with two or five alternative versons. No shortage of willing community tallent. Your only problem is the pope and the holly family. They don’t want to come out of cryostasis and actually do anything. The poor old CUQ teams are powerless to do or really say anything. They don’t know themselves. That’s why you will only get the copy paste response that you did. They are honest about the lists at least. I know people on these teams, they are good people, they just don’t have or can’t give a great deal of real information themselves. Focus your energy on the underlying problem. CSI Casey and co. All CS’s problems boil down to Casey and his inability to grow up and get a life and a chat up line other than CS. The really sad thing about CS is the number of people that emulate his behaviour. All in the name of making the world a better place, through hospex. You really couldn’t make it up. Pass the popcorn!

    Top marks for the idea. I wonder how stoned you need to be, to think, spamming 1,500 icelandic students, is a good idea? The delivery of the CS idea, is so binary and basic that it is either the work of someone not very bright or a genius. Unfortunately most of the behaviour in the last half decade, points towards the former, rather than the latter.

    Although its probably not relevant to this situation, it may be worth kicking around. In the city, there is an attitude of ‘don’t come to a meeting with a problem, if you don’t also have at least a stab of idea at a solution’. In that vein, what do you suggest to replace the plane?

    Ahh I’ve just thought. You can actually solve your own problem. I don’t remember which groups, but you can customize you’re profile and use a different icon for yourself, plus making it known how you do it, for others. It would not be system wide, but its a start.

    We are digital citizens and we are longer in nursery. We need to learn how to use our our skills and behaviours to solve our own problems. If CSI hadn’t deleted me twice I could help you right now, with tools I created for the community.

    There are four immutable truths; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, death, taxes, love and, CSI will not do anything for anyone, other than themselves, no matter how right, even in spite of it being right, like this idea, ever.

    If anything good is ever going to come from all this, the community, needs, to understand how flippin unless, CSI are.

    CSI is a threat to the positive future of CS and the community need to be aware of it, then they can change it. if they want, of course.

    involontaire, is it that you don’t give a shit about anything or just the planet?

    I’m just trying to understand you. Maybe, there is something I’m not getting?

    It’s just an icon I suppose.

    Or dose this issue point to a more systemic problem of poor system design and limiting granularity, preventing a great deal of useful communication. A hitch hiking icon and a driving icon. A distress status. A sailing status, do CS locations go off shore. :/ positive neutral negative references. Need I say more?

    If you are going to spend any energy on this focus on the root issue, either outside CS and or inside.

    You might be interested to have a look at the project.


  • Good point. How about a backpack, suitcase, or something like this:

  • “Why is the ‘I am traveling’ logo on a couchsurfing profile symbolised by an airplane?”

    I’d guess because an airplane, and its meaning, is instantly recognizable. A backpack, suitcase or whatever is not, and a smurf definitely isn’t – and it would be really bad iconology too, as icons are supposed to be simple and taste-neutral. Especially at 55*55 px.

    “But instead of seeing this as an opportunity to increase member-involvement, this was the answer: …”

    Triaging – nothing evil in that as far as I can see.

    “But yes, what you noticed/experienced, is the norm. Most/all constructive suggestions or offers of assistance, are rejected for what seems like no good reason. Along with some BS brush-off excuse.”

    Ok, but how do you know that they have the capacity to deal with every “constructive suggestion or offer of assistance” that comes their way? Even if it’s to just to give you a full explanation as to why your suggestion or offer will not be considered any time soon – that in itself takes more time than you might think.

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