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Some more blurbs, from BSR and some funny/sad negative references

So blurbs will be opt-in rather than opt-out. But what I read today deserves another post: A Global Ambassador left 5 negative references for people he never met, they all look like this:

Never met him. From his posts (mainly Brainstorm group) got the impression, that he has problems for not being as important as he was (he often “mentions”, how he used to be “big”). Looks like he’s trying to regain importance with his “watch group activities”. His arrogant self-righteousness sticks out even among his fellow BS’ers. His urge to lecture others on moral behavior & to express disdain for what- or whomever he thinks “below him” is sickening – as are his lies, as documented in my “Lies” threads in BS group. Sad thing is: he’s obviously smart, very educated & even witty sometimes – yet none of that helps:( When I had to ask his permission to KEEP him in my “Devil’s Black Box” #1 after gotten anonymously ratted to the MDST & being told then, that I had to ask these guys first, his curt reply showed his disdain for me: “Please remove my name from your profile. I do not wish to be linked to you in any way.” ALSO draw your own conclusions from his REPLY REF, IF he gives me one!

None of these 5 people have any other negative references…


I think it’s a shame to lose Henk as such an active and generous host in, perhaps, the most difficult city to find a couch…but I don’t blame you a bit, for removing yourself from the search feature. I would feel equally sad if I was condemned unfairly by a representative of CS, after having offered my home to travelers in support of the organization and its ideals. (I understand that Ulf does not feel as though Ambassadors represent CS, but most other members, myself included, consider them to be so)

Somehow these references remind me of the references that I left to Casey and some other Admins, with the difference that I actually met the people I left a reference for, and I don’t think Ulf could seriously be as upset about the BSR gang as I was about Casey&Co’s behavior in 2007.

(I removed or adapted these negative references of mine.)

4 Responses to “Some more blurbs, from BSR and some funny/sad negative references”

  • Glad to see this post, Kasper. However, I can’t keep the story straight, tell who’s on which side, and who’s perception is accurate. I already have a decent grasp (and loathing) for how Casey,Inc. operates, but it sounds like this guy was a genuine c*nt. Who are the bad guys in your tale, both “sides”?

    It seems you posted a typical response from one of the CS’ers who was attacked, but what did a typical attack post look like… was the accusation fair or accurate?

    I do realize that the fundamental political arrangement of the CS cult also makes nearly anyone who might speak up, an automatic enemy to their “cause.”

    • Well I m sorry, but when u read the post of Danny Creer
      it s easy to tell who’s on which side, unless u r completely
      twisted mind.
      The profil has been deleted but his post are still readable and it s chunk of meat.

      So ur so called open mind spirit, keep it for fakelook.
      The world is so beautiful, I know…

  • OK, so the perp is “Ulf.” Does he have a legit gripe with some of the core CS’ers, or not? Sure looks like he went off, and not in a cool or fair way. Was his action a result of being unfairly treated, himself, by the CS cult? In which case, more power to him, though I still don’t think his methods are productive. Payback has to be at least a little more crafty or creative than that.

  • A-ha…

    pickwick says: Marc, it seems to be a vendetta against certain members of Brainstorm, whom he suspects of being behind successful complaints against him, where the Safety Team repeatedly instructed him to remove certain offensive images or texts. This becomes quite clear from what he says in the references he gave, and numerous other complaints of being ‘ratted’ against. It also coincides with a post here, where he compiles a list of those he sees as the ‘core of the bad apple’ Brainstorm, as quasi advance justification for what he now did.

    Instead of taking it up with the Safety Team, against which he is powerless, he stalks those he believes are ‘responsible’, and helpless. The attitude is the spirit of rape, or pother ‘power crimes’: “I can cause you pain or discomfort, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” That seems to make him feel good about himself.

    What he doesn’t realise is how that appears to an audience, from a bird’s eye’s view. It is an open admission that stalking is his last resort, because he lost the argument on all levels. Insofar his worst punishment might well be to keep what he wrote, for everybody to see. But personally, I’m not prepared to pay the price of having a visible connection with him on my profile, which incidentally also means that he practically displays his choice of profile picture on my profile too. So I will have his reference removed.

    I guess if there's anything amusing about this battle, it's that the Cult-of-Casey somehow always nurtures sparks until they become destructive conflagrations. In that respect, despite Ulf being a real a**hole about things, Casey,Inc. does exactly what is required to keep pulling these messes onto themselves.

    But I feel little sympathy for the damage that occurs because this stuff is a pattern, and it's the petty communication control and paranoid secrecy games that fuel the problem.

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