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SPOF’s as source of income

I wrote earlier at this blog that development at Couchsurfing isn’t the most stable part of the network. Today, lack of communication, as well as a simple programming error made a well respected member of the community leave. This can be read at a post by Thomas, as well as on the original source.

What really amazed me was the reason of the leave: a programming error, and not one, but one of many. I quote:

Another issue that was concerning me were bugs with simple fixes. Europeans consistently use commas to separate dollars and cents. However, many transactions were processed incorrectly, due to the comma. A member would attempt to donate 21,50, and 2,150 would be charged. Then it’s up to the member to notice the error, since we did not mail out receipts. I attempted and notified the LT that we should fix this ASAP, but it didn’t take top priority.

To be honest, I do not fully agree with Thomas stating that this is a scam, but I’m surely interested whether all the money is payed back as it should be. The programming error also makes clear that the creditcard-payments are handled at itself, instead of a payment broker. I’m not very clear if I would be glad to be a verified member…

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  • Speaking of development. The current Amb Public:

    i sent a message to CUQ.
    Here the answer:

    Email problems

    Ciao Maurizio!

    We are aware of th problem and we are working on it to solve a soon as possible, is a general problem afecting to all the CSurfers. Thanks for the report!

    Happy Surfing!

    Barcelona, Spain
    CouchSurfing Volunteer

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