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CS blocks Wayback Machine

Check here and here. You’ll see “Blocked Site Error.”

The site used to be available in the wayback machine, so it would seem that somebody at CouchSurfing International Inc has specifically requested that the site be removed from the archive. Is there any legitimate reason why such a request would have been made? Personally, I can’t think of any.

3 Responses to “CS blocks Wayback Machine”

  • Of course there is, Callum; it’s the same reason why CS stopped being visible to Google crawlers.

    Casey and pals said and did too many things that can potentially be used against them as well as against CouchSurfing International, inc. Fortunately, while removing the site from view makes it more difficult to retrieve all that, they cannot undo history.

  • Old news!! The management got scared about lawsuits after Pickwick threatened casey on something which was written in the cs groups which was archived by the wayback machine .

    “Legal and financial status”, Pickwick’s Q&A

    OCS has no leaders .Bewelcome is dead being lead by the OCS leaders. Looking back maybe casey was right kicking out the ocs guys .If cs was the way bewelcome is right now it would have been a shame .

  • Besides that there could be technical reasons. Crawlers can create a lot of traffic and they sometimes can access pages that shouldn’t be visible to the public. This, of course, is a fualt of the programmers but sometimes it is just easier to disable it this way.

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