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CouchSurfing trademark

I saw a discussion about CouchSurifng International Inc attemping to trademark the term “CouchSurfing”. I feel like this is something I would like to take action on, but I’m not quite sure what action to take.

I guess that if we can find uses of the term “couchsurfing” before the incorporation of CS Inc, that would provide a basis to challenge the trademark registration. Does anyone have references to such uses?

Is this an issue worth pursuing? Comments on a postcard…

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  • The term is usually associated with homeless people sleeping over at other people’s places, in the media in US and Canada (west coast mainly). If you add a Google Alert for the term couchsurfing you can follow what kind of news is published :)

  • why the heck would you want to block that? man, you really don’t have anything better to do with your time?

    really… get a life!

  • johnson, the reason you might want to do that is if you think that once trademarked, CS might try to use trademark law to prevent this website from using the term in its domain name.

    callum, I doubt this will be a fruitful avenue. you can’t just rely on prior use of the term elsewhere; AFAIK you would need to show use of the term elsewhere *in a similar context*, e.g. a website doing the same sort of thing.

  • Just stumbled across this site … you guys still exist, after all this time?

    Making lots of progress getting CS to change its ways? LOL.

    Seems to me like you guys have totally wasted your time and made idiots of yourselves … an utter failure from what I can tell.

  • “Einmischung ist die einzige Möglichkeit, realistisch zu bleiben.”

  • aNTi-copyright

    check this one, i don’t fully agree withit,but it’s a beggining:

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