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Dictatorship 0 – Pirates 1

Pirate flag by pioforskyOur Alaska mirror blog has ruffled some feathers. Somebody changed the CouchSurfing blog feed. Instead of the whole post being included in the feed, now only the excerpt is included. So anyone reading the blog in a feed reader has been highly inconvenienced.

I’ll bet some clever bod thought this would stop our mirror blog. Wrong! It’ll take more than a little inconvenience to keep us pirates down. I’m pleased to report, that after a brief outage, the mirror blog is now back in full working order, with full post text.

So if you want to read the blog in your feed reader, subscribe to our feed instead, and get the comments!

We have won the battle, but I suspect this will not be the end of the war. As a Sun Tzu disciple, I have studied the enemy closely. I have anticipated their next seven moves. Fear not, their incompetence will not stand in the way of democracy and freedom. The pirates wil overcome their foolish attempts to quell free speech. Vive la revolucion!

5 Responses to “Dictatorship 0 – Pirates 1”

  • I’m amazed at how disillusioned you obviously are that CS is tweaking their communication structure based on what this silly little website (with it’s three pathetic comments about the whole blog) is doing. You’re so disconnected from reality that you think everything this exponentially growing and thriving organization does is in an attempt to thwart you guys. Seriously?

    If you’re so smart and have already determined “your enemy’s” seven next moves, what is the next one? And which battle have you won, by the way? Is it figuring out the complexities of the mythical RSS feeds or something more elaborate and cunning that’s missing from you laughable description? Maybe you’ve crushed your enemy by investigating what they had for breakfast or what kind of laptop is most commonly used? Do tell as we’re all riveted to our seats waiting to hear news of how you used Sun Tzu’s writings to figure out your next crushing blow.

    It’s been well over a year since any of you had anything really to do with CS, which is much more than even the longest of you even *contributed* to it. Callum – how long did YOU even dedicate to trying to work things from the inside? From what I can tell it was a couple of months at best. And how long have you spent complaining rather than working on change you can actually affect, like possibly BeWelcome? Or have they seen what an ass you are and stopped you at the gates, too? Are any of you ever going to give up your grudged-fueled bitching and actually do something productive with your lives other than providing hilarious material for us to poke fun at? It’s funny, but pathetic.

  • I’m amazed at how someone can come up with 3 new nick names every day only to make ad-hominem attacks.

  • shouldnt “breet” be working at the collective instead of reading this silly blog and bashing volunteers ?

  • @breet: Changing the blog feed to show only excerpts punishes all RSS subscribers. It forces everyone to either visit the site or not read the blog. That then increases the traffic on the CS servers. Typically, you’d only see that on a site with heavy advertising. Do you see any advertising on the CS blog? Can you suggest why they changed the feed if it wasn’t to try and stop the syndication?

    As for all your other whining, my response is quite simple. Fuck off.

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