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Couchsurfing Scheduled Downtime Policy

Scheduled downtime policy

  1. * <1 minute: Nothing else is required.
  2. * 1-4 minutes: Requires a “don’t panic” email to key volunteers through the emergency response channel notifying what is going on.
  3. * 5-29 minutes: Requires at least 12 hours notice to the Tech Team, the Communications Team and the emergency response channel.
  4. * 30-59 minutes: Requires at least one week notice to the Leadership Team (LT) & the Communications Team. A 12 hour notice should be given to the Tech Team and emergency response channel.
  5. * 60-240 minutes: Require at least one week notice to the LT for approval. Communicate the same as 30-60 mins.
  6. * >240 minutes: To be avoided at all cost. Break downtime into 240 minute increments separated by at least 1 week.

2 Responses to “Couchsurfing Scheduled Downtime Policy”

  • How ironically (GMT+1, 8:00, 17th June 2008):

    The site will be down for a few minutes for a needed update. Please check back momentarily. Sorry for any inconvenience. — The CS Tech Team

    /me starts stopwatch

  • For your information: this downtime is over, and started from 6:59 (GMT+1)

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