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Managing Corporate Sponsorships

Why would CS need someone able “to raise funds of more than $100.000″? Why was Matthew looking for someone with “demonstrated success in negotiating and managing corporate sponsorships” to participate with the collective in Alaska?

The person who got the job, the new Fundraising Guru, wants “to engineer and implement a comprehensive, sustainable fundraising and PR strategy which will enable the CS team to maintain, develop and promote CS, and its services, well into the future, in the most economical and efficient way possible.” Uhm, will CS be sponsored by a travel company soon, or is it just a solo idea that came out of the hood of Matthew? Why would a CS fund-raiser need that specific skill-set?

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  • from the collective alaska blog.

    The workshop started with Kelly’s (Infamous) Fundraising 101 Analogy:

    “Fundraising is a lot like dating…there is you (CS) and you obviously think you are sexy, unique and brilliant, and you are trying to find either your soul mate, a Sugar Daddy/Mommy, or just a slut. And like dating, there is a lot of awkward dinner and movie dates (we actually use the term “dating the funder” in the industry), in order to establish an intimate connection, before you bust a move.

    And as in dating, you would never even SUGGEST or imply sex unless you were confident there was some interest. The only difference in fundraising and dating is that in fundraising the ultimate goal is money or resources; whereas, with dating, we seek sex …in my experience, the money is much more reliable than good sex. However, ideally, CS will find its soul mate.”

  • looking at her couch picture instantly disqualifies her for any serious attempts at raising money.
    she may be good at bumming through her life, turned it into a profession by being a beggar for incompetent and corrupt countries, aka international development, i highly doubt that she can get anywhere, after all, cs has a rather bizarre and only vaguely defined plan and idea on how to get there, which ought to be her #1 tool but isnt there.

  • Well-taken skepticism about Kelly’s professionalism aside, note that this is the so-manieth dot in the buddy network (she appears to be a long-time friend of Jim’s).

  • She’s been a member for three years and made connections with eight people. 3 years, 8 people.

    Now watch the references and vouches start pouring in!

  • And why on earth would you guys be interested in her impressive track record? God forbid you would say something positive about the fact that we have extremely professional people here.
    It is much easier to just judge her from her pofile picture or her number of references. Impressive…

  • You have extremely professional people there. It’s a fact.

  • Where do you get those facts? The people I personally know that are at the Collective don’t have any education (or work experience besides what they have done for CS) whatsoever for their respective roles (and it shows).

    Besides, I don’t think “extremely professional” is the way to go for an organization that mostly depends on volunteer work. I think it’s much more important to make the organization less hierarchical, more self-organized and decentralized.

  • Kasper, please leave “reality” aside and realise the “fact” that there “have extremely professional people [t]here”. It will be even more professional when the self-proclaimed “Fundraising Guru”, herself “intend[ing] to engineer and implement a comprehensive, sustainable fundraising and PR strategy which will enable the CS team to maintain, develop and promote CS, and its services, well into the future”, stops using references to sex and slutting around. (And yes, Walter, watch the refs/vouches start adding up…nothing to do with any actual hosting or surfing.)

    Sarcasm leaves a lot to be desired. When used effectively, it stings. When used irrelevanly, please call yourself a member of the TT.

  • Christopher Culver

    I don’t get it. Kelly is working in a field that the vast majority of people I’ve met through Couchsurfing would consider really cool and admirable, but zak0r comes on just to knock and tear down. Yet another sign that the “Open Couchsurfing” movement is less a call for genuine democracy and more an attempt to turn Couchsurfing into something more palatable for a tiny minority of the crochety and uptight.

  • Christopher, zak0r is just as much a part of the Open Coucsurfing movement as yourself.

  • mr culver,
    i dont consider myself part of the ocs, i agree with their goals but disagree with their approach.
    i attack the ineptitude of idiots directly, especially when they waste money and more importantly motivated volunteers, the most precious resource any organization has.
    you are implying that “kelly is working in a field”, i insist that she has obnoxious theories and no verificable track record.
    you assume that i am a part of ocs or for genuine democracy. i frequently oppose the move for democracy, its about the most inefficient way to organize such an organization, after all the majority is made up of morons even more clueless than the current lt.
    i am for an accountable and professionally evaluated leadership team, legally sound and measured by performance and not propaganda.

    being a fairy tale lover, you might not find such a fact based approach amicable, but well, given that you voluntarily subject yourself to a virtual celestial dictatorship, it is not suprising that you are lets call it guillible.

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