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The stalled couchsurfing zone project?

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Finally: there was a post on the OpenCouchSurfing blog about CS Zones in the Collective report. OCS said they were giving the “real” facts about CS Zones – they actually got their facts completely wrong (in my opinion, anyway ;) ).

The facts
The groups CS Zone Managers on couchsurfing
The wiki page
The people who contributed to the wiki
Do you see any other hidden facts on couchsurfing?

MOCK–TURTLE May 10th, 2008 (Permalink)

I did quite a bit of work with Cam and Laura behind the scenes - you’ll get to see this soon, we just want to bring it to a point where we feel we’ve done what we can, then we’ll want your input

This way almost 1 Month ago. Now the alaska collective has started and there is no sign of the report from the thailand collective on the cs zone work done in thailand in the last 6 months .

Things have also changed in the alaska collective.


–> according to cameron and laura are responsible for collective & house management, not for events & outreach, as there is no events & outreach team at this collective?

You are right, there is no official Events & Outreach team at this Collective – the team is now operating remotely. But Cameron is still heading it up – its just that this Collective he will be focused on co-Collective management. Laura is also still part of the remote Events & Outreach team, however this Collective was successful in getting the House Manager position so that will be her focus

I really hope soon is sooner than 10 years!

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  • why dont you break it down and invert the approach.
    instead of listing what fails on cs, lets list what works. thats going to be a reall short list,if judgement is made according to professional standarts

  • CouchSurfing Project Priorities
    We are supporting member-led projects that will make a difference to our services – CouchSurfing Zones, which will be easily identifiable places for CouchSurfers to hang out and meet other CouchSurfers, and a feature that will help make it simple for members find couches outside major city centers and rural areas.

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