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She’s knocking on your door!

She’s the one that moves me! She is the one that takes me where I want to be! SHE found a church to share thoughts on sustainable hospitality exchange. The space SHE found is just awesome, it provides over 100 chairs, 7 tables, space for plenary sessions, space for workshops, space for art-exhibitions, a bar we can organise ourselves and… four toilets! She moves me alright!

SHE is a conference on Sustainable Hospitality Exchange that takes place during the last weekend of June. It will be based in the center of Amsterdam on a very accessible location. The place is an old and big squat that was recently bought and renovated by the residents. The financial cost for use is 500-750 euro.

She takes me to the place where I long to be! She moves me, does she move you yet? She moves me, yeah, she moves alright, she gonna move me yeah, alright! Check her out at wiki-space and contribute!

4 Responses to “She’s knocking on your door!”

  • robino are you actively involved in SHE or know anyone else who is actively involved ?

  • @Daz
    I’m pretty sure he’s one of the main organizers.

  • It would be awesome to see when SHE is moving to his/her/its own space. Further, it would be good the organization would try to find support in as many Hospitality Exchange Communities as possible. Right now, it seems to be an OpenCouchSurfing initiative, what can be regarded as a political campaign, and I am afraid that this will keep off some people from getting involved. However, some people might prefer to have their views confirmed (not enough diversity might be harmful for OpenSpace where it might be possible to bring people to talk at one table). Nevertheless, I am still not sure what the real aim of SHE is.

  • OpenCouchSurfing initiative, what can be regarded as a political campaign

    People who CANNOT distinguish between a cause and an initiative would stay away and it would be better for them to stay away.

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