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Ermonnezza writes

Interesting… a more obvious attempt to cover one’s *ss would be hard to conceive.

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  • You complain about publicly available profiles, and then when the leadership do something to make your profiles less public, you get angry?

  • I don’t know who you think “you” is, but at least I’m someone who always asked for hiding – at least if choosen so – my profile from public. But actively hiding all discussions (especially criticism and negative experiences) is not a privacy issue.

  • there are more privacy issues then the one you mentioned. group membership pages where indexed / archived until very recently. i’d rather have everything deleted than having information slumbering with my name for years in some database index. in this case, i don’t see the advantage of keeping evidence of censorship vs. privacy issues. if somebody needs to archive couchsurfing forums or any other content, there are tons of free crawlers/indexing softwares, i dont see the point why it has to be kept in

  • Christopher Culver who is talking about profiles ? Why do you think couchsurfing is all about profiles? Once the profile is hidden it cannot be archieved and this was a fact ever since cs 1.0 (still is 1.0 ? or is that -0.01v ).
    Banning the archieving robots means when it crashes again no one will get any of their profiles back also this means the MDST team can get away with the deletions as no one would be able to check what was really deleted.
    This also means that all forum posts cannot be archieved. And due to the existing ststem when the thread goes to the bottom of the list it can no longer be retreived because there is not option to read past threads unless you have them in your mail box (and that too has been buggy).
    Please do not make this issue an us vs them and also over simplify the issue.

  • @til your information will still be in the database so will all your photos (if any) which are now property of couchsurfing.
    Also once robots are blocked NO crawlers can crawl the site!!

  • This is not about hiding private information. This is about hiding all information, including (or maybe especially) what is available on the public part of the web site. It would be (and has been) perfectly possible to hide certain information from robots without blocking the whole site.

    It hides some of the so far publicly available evidence of Casey’s lies, like claiming to be a 501(c)(3) registered charity in 2003/4.

  • its good that there are different sources for such information, you can run, but you’ll just die tired

  • It hides some of the so far publicly available evidence of Casey’s lies, like claiming to be a 501(c)(3) registered charity in 2003/4.

    I’m certain that someone will have screenshots of those?

  • I just noticed that isn’t working anymore either.

  • what is NDA?

  • For the record, Casey,Inc. tried to get a number of very talented developers to sign a legally binding NDA and/or non-compete agreement. Most/many refused, and I know of one fellow who was so insulted that he actually left “the collective” right away, which was costly to get to.

    It was so Casey could either own their (usually free and volunteer) work for his own personal gain and profit, keep them from talking about what they were working on in any way, and/or prevent them from jumping ship when they got fed up (as most did/do, which is why there’s constant turnover) and going immediately to another hospex site, to code for someone else.

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