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A survey?

I was wondering whether anyone would think it a good idea to start a survey / series of surveys on aspect(s) of Surveymonkey and other websites offer easy-enough tools for that; it may be a constructive effort that we can make quite easily.

Since my personal biggest frustration with CS is the communication, I guess that would be as good a place to start as any. A good question format for this purpose may be to give statements and ask people to rate whether or not they agree with them; anyone is welcome to contribute statements (would be nice if you could keep them somewhat serious, lol), or give me other feedback regarding this idea.

3 Responses to “A survey?”

  • A survey sounds like a good idea.

    Google Spreadsheets has a feature that you can have data entry from a survey form. And we can create pretty graphs from the spreadsheets now, too.

  • i think surveys are good for nothing. BUT this is supposed to be the best tool around (says my brother who had been researching some of them):

    obviously needs a MySQL Installation and PHP, but i guess some of you guys have that.

  • why would you want a survey on this? to present it to the leadershit team as “arguments”?
    they have already shown their immunity to reason and common sense, what you are shooting for seems highly redundant and not going to lead anywhere.
    if you dont want to collect data to have another clue for the bimbo boys, why spend resources on it? whats the point of all this?

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