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Ill communication

Diederik wrote:

I have left the couchsurfing system administration team. The main (and almost only) reason is communication, and the bad, or even non-existent version of it.

I am not surprised and not particularly happy with this news. CouchSurfing keeps on growing and growing and it’s not healthy to depend on a stream of new and unexpecting volunteers who are not experienced with the specifics of the technical and social side of the CouchSurfing website and organization with an ever growing number of members.

Diederik, I’m looking forward to finally meet you. If not in Antwerpen this weekend surely somewhere in the Randstad very soon.

Thailand Collective members communicating

53 Responses to “Ill communication”

  • If you want to contact rachel or casey DO NOT use couchsurfing use SKYPE!! Looks like no on can trust the cs email system (saving email , previous ninja snooping,now 10 new people who can read your emails)

  • Anick-Marie Bouchard I won’t be able to dive in this concern before April (because we have already ongoing projects I want to carry on)

    Or you are lying and it is your road trip? Learn about security and privacy first !!

  • Oh this lil confusing web. Now where does Anick-Marie Bouchard fit into the safety team? Was she one of the original inductees?

    In the brainstorm Little Green Hobbit from Manchester, United Kingdom wrote
    Please elaborate GmU, as the Safety Team *is* listening, contrary to what you may think.

    This got me thinking WHO exactly are part of the ST

    Location: CS Organization >> Product Development Experts >> Technology Team >> [CS Tech] News Feed
    We have four new new members of the Safety Team! Welcome Lady Ri, ELCOUR, Little Green Hobbit, and ZachReza to the team!

    Lady Ri South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria
    Little Green Hobbit United Kingdom, England, Manchester
    ELCOUR was elusive but turns out to be a very very interesting individual . rabbi,writes in русско ,mod of the now deleted conflict resolution team.
    ZachReza Malaysia, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala

    elcour has a good track record on being moderate,balanced and non judgemental. But I do not understand why he let his group get deleted?

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