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CS Corporate Records

Pickwick took the trouble of unearthing CS’s public corporate records. He also wrote a clear preliminary assessment of what he found, but the scans of the original documents could not be attached within the CS forums. I have attached them to this post, pending publication within the domain of

Scan of CS corporate records; articles of incorporation; amended bylaws; conflict of interest policy; additional documents

Disclaimer: as far as I was able to determine, publishing copies of these documents does not require consent of the New Hampshire Secretary of State. This post will be removed immediately upon first request, should publication on this website not be in full accordance with legislation.

13 Responses to “CS Corporate Records”

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  • "time to face the music"

    @Mentor: “it [cs LIES]is all super constructive and positive with all good will”

    is that supposed to be sarcastic?

    btw, i’m amazed that ocs mods didn’t delete the above spam comment that daz, um, i mean “mentor” wrote. it doesn’t have anything to do with this post and solely serves the purpose of just advertising another webpage. of course, since it’s another bitchfest about CS i suppose i can see your reasoning for keeping it up. if viagra was obnoxiously vocal about not getting their way with how cs operated would ocs be filled with little blue pill offers?

  • @the musical guy

    Dude, if you haven’t noticed, we take not censoring people very seriously around here. If we don’t delete any of the stuff you write, why would we do differently for daz/mentor/whoever?

    It simply amazes me how people like you seem to believe that rules should only apply to certain people and not to others. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens on CS pretty much every single day.

    You viagra comment is weird. Do you have penile issues?

  • “time to face the music” you are super confused lol . Guess you think just because you change user names everyone else does! That is so dumb

  • just so you know...

    in an attempt to silence any voices of reason that dare to challenge some of the things that are said here the same guys who routinely mock the cs verification system want to soon require commenters here to verify their identities:

    is anyone really surprised? after all, hypocrisy is no stranger to the people who run this site.

  • Note: anonymity was never to be taken as granted here, it’s more of a privilege given to people here SO FAR, but due to comments such as the recent days rampages between mostly anonymous folks it’s definitely less possible to see the point of allowing anonymity.

    No-one’s requiring passports to be mailed or verification fees, just taking responsibility over your words (since the last I checked, gov. officials or such are unlikely to come and hunt you down by what you say on this site).

    I haven’t been totally convinced by the need for anonymity, but the more I see the comments such as the one just above mine, the more reason I see for you guys to stop hiding – if you have something to say, be man(or woman if that should be the case) enough to say it as yourself (or are you scared by a girl & bunch of pirates ;)

  • "time to face the music"

    does anyone else see the humor here? for months you’ve had anonymous daz/mentor rampaging all over anyone who dared to pose a rebuttal to an ocs post. but because he shared the same perspective as ocs, you let it go and no one was bothered by his harshness. and now that you have one little commenter who calls you on your bullshit you need to know who he/she is to the point of requiring commenters to be verified. i had no idea that you felt so threatened by me. thanks for the compliment!

    i hope i’m not the only one who is completely entertained by you guys.

  • I agree with “time to face the music”. The admins need to delete all the spam and harsh comments.

  • @Vandy

    No doubt you realise how difficult it is to decide what is harsh/unncessarily inflammatory and what isn’t, especially since the mods are not likely to be considered impartial. For that reason, I personally rather not delete anything (except for clear commercial spam, but that’s of a different order), and let the trolls enjoy their trolling if they have an uncontrollable urge to do so. And actually, afaik that ís the current moderation strategy, irrespective of what impression you may get from the comments in this thread.

  • For me, the comments add to the fun (and ridiculousness that this website represent for me). Once in a while, when I am bored out of my brain I come here to read some of this stuff and be amazed over what you guys spend your energy on. I certainly believe it is not all bullshit, but the bullshit-percentage is quite high ;)
    I don’t write this here to rant or insult you guys (and I mean this!), just to show the perspective of an average reader.

  • As a not-so-average reader, I can relate to your sentiments, Walter. With a controversial forum like this one, it is hard to strike the right balance between freedom of speech and moderation/censorship. If you have any suggestions how to optimise this, I for one would be interested in hearing about them.

  • “I for one would be interested in hearing about them.”

    i would simply flat out limit posting to people using their cs username/real life name.

  • Walter, it’s an open forum shaped out as a blog – and so far we’ve taken pride in allowing anyone to comment on anything, no matter how much of an anonymous rant it is, and outrages any of the more identifiable folks over here. So unless you care to be more exact over who you refer to as “ridiculous”, it’s quite a blanket statement you’re making there.

    You’ve met me, we’ve discussed many of the points you’ve probably seen by me here, and at that time at least you didn’t dismiss the increasing critique by me, and were symphatetic to hearing it at least, if not totally agreeing – and belated thank you for the back up over some of the most amazing(ly misguided) views by some people present in Rotterdam. If anything’s changed in my tone since then, I’d like to know what’s the tipping point of ridiculousness starting. SInce if anything, since returning back home, I’ve become less frantic and more grounded over the whole experience – realizing even more being part of the real world again, how CS treated me is not how you treat volunteers of any organization, and how CS sees the non-profit, NDA and whichever issues is NOT the universal truth.

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