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Shouldn’t Donna think of cooking the books?

*corrected version* 

How I just love retired accountants! It seems that Pickwick is on to another scandal

According to the (minimal, and legally insufficient) financial reports over the 3rd quarter 2007, CouchSurfing International inc. is well in the dough, and has a neat $101,900.69 in the bank… but wait a second, over that sum, why has the company made only $281.26 interest??!!

I know banks in the US are in a difficult position these days, but an interest rate of less than 0,27% seems pretty strange… Or could it be that someone is turning a private profit on these funds? Nah, that would be ridiculous, CS being a ‘non-profit’ and all…

6 Responses to “Shouldn’t Donna think of cooking the books?”

  • You’re mixing up the numbers a bit. The interest was actually 281.26 in the 3rd quarter, which is still a pretty low interest rate for k$70 over 3 months.

    But the 1,825.00 + 398.24 for bookkeeping and accounting fees is quite a more considerable sum than a reasonable interest. And it seems silly to pay this to someone with significant less experience in these things than e.g. Pickwick.

  • another gem by donna:

    she basically says that nothing is done because the suggestions are so unorganized, hence the blame for the ineptitude in project management lies within the people suggesting features, not those who are employed to implement projects!
    this woman is so inept and hypocritical, it aint funny.

  • I didn’t read the published documents. Question, was the money in a bank account that pays interest, or just a checking account?

  • yes $2,200. Maybe it covers her Internet and phone bill, but I doubt it.

    The reality is like this, your partner has an affair and as long you don’t know about its not a problem.

    Now its in the open and its a white elephant.

  • According to Dow Jones, $6.87 billion in 2006 was contributed to non profits and NGOs online.

    How can so many make such a huge deal about how $100K or even $1M is spent ?

  • maybe because some people care.

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