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Free Burma!

There are more important things in the world than CouchSurfing (or even OpenCouchSurfing).
I’m sure you won’t blame me for adding support to the peaceful revolution in Burma.

Free Burma!

5 Responses to “Free Burma!”

  • It is a good cause to support, but just like the free Tibet cause the free Burma cause is bound to fail. Why ? Because it is supported by the same super power :) .

  • Fully agree as well that some things are more important than others, but I’d like to suggest we keep this site on-topic. All political causes other than CS administration are well-covered elsewhere, aren’t they?

  • A very poignant post Kasper. I know there are some people who feel incomplete with the hedonistic hospitality network brands out there. An open hospitality network should always strive for promoting awareness of any injustices. Keep it up!

    So in the spirit of John’s (brilliant) BeActive idea, I’m going to do something. I just found out that Global Day of Action on Burma is Saturday, October 6th 2007.

    I’m going to join this march tommorow and will try to bring as many friends as I can.

    Kasper, thank you. I was aware of the Burma issue, but without this reminder I would have surely missed tommorow’s demonstration. I hope everyone who reads this participates in this locally.

  • Good point Roy, I’m going to see about finding a march in London tomorrow. :)

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